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Deidre and Hillary approach the yacht. They step on the mat, and are Phil-iminated. Hillary claps and pats her mom on the back. "We did a good job," she says. You know, given what they told us about her history, I'd almost expect the kid to be much more of the taker and less of the caretaker in this situation, if you know what I mean. It seems like she's really looking out for how her mom feels about the success of the enterprise, which is pretty sweet, given that I think her mom was trying to do it largely for her. It's a nice story, even though they only had one episode to tell it. Hillary keeps kissing her mom and hugging her and telling her how proud she is...interesting, interesting. Mom looks sad, which I think is probably understandable. I mean, it wasn't hard to see how good the trip was for Momily, so it is indeed a shame that these two won't get to do as much of that. Indeed, Deidre says she feels like she "let [Hillary] down," and Hillary is WAY ahead of her and just KNEW her mom was going to say that, and she throws her arms around her and says, "You didn't let me down at all, Mom." I'd have to say I really missed what a good scene this was the first time I saw it. This is certainly a much more satisfying and interesting first elimination than we had last time. Hillary talks some more about being each other's biggest fans, and I don't want to start crying during the FIRST DAMN EPISODE, please. They have a nice big hug. Cool.

Executive Producer? Jerry Bruckheimer.

Next episode: Chris or Alex looks mad. Blake and Paige fight. Peggy thinks she's going to die hang-gliding. OneTwin gets his foot run over by a car. No, really. Join us, won't you?

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