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Credits. Dun! Dun! Dun! Bah dah dah dun! Dun! ...Well, you know how it goes. It's the familiar thumpy theme music, with a guy chanting in the background occasionally. They've cut way, way down on the spoiler-y shots in the credit sequence this year, because pretty much all you get is prefab shots of the teams, not shots from during the race. Glory-oskey, here we go again.

More SUV races across open desert. The first thing you have to do is get to McCarran Airport in Las Vegas, so that's ultimately the point of all the driving. Hope reads more about the clue, and man, that is some impressive accent she's sporting. (Sorry, I'm sure I'll stop noticing it soon.) Tara brightly points out that the second flight leaves two hours after the first, so they should get on the first one. Yeah, thanks, genius.

In the Mary and Peach car, the Fruit points out that everybody else is driving a slightly different direction, and Mary responds that she doesn't think they should worry about everybody else, just about finding the flag. Well...yes, and no. She says in an interview that the Fruit is a kind person, which "goes a long way." I like Mary.

OneTwin tells OtherTwin to focus on the flag, because all the dust is making it mighty hard to see. In their car, Peggy and Claire agree. Claire tells us in a voice-over that she and Peggy aren't particularly tough, but they're "shrewd" and occasionally "fast." That is not a particularly riveting team description, I have to say. I fear that this year's Team Closest To Receiving Social Security is not going to win any places in my heart.

Meanwhile, Chris and Alex spot the flag. "Right there, right there!" one of them yells, except it comes out as "Right they-ah, right they-ah!" This is The Season Of Unavoidable Accents, it would seem. "See that right there? Flag. Haul ass." Okay, I like them a little bit, just because they're having a good time.

Blake and Paige see the flag, too, and I like it when he (from the back seat) tells her (she's driving) that she's "awesome." Aww. I always thought it would be neat to have an older brother (which is not to say anything negative about Miss Alli's Sister, who is totally my hero), and I think it's going to affect my attitude toward Blake. Hmm.

Driving, driving, and now we're in town. Chris and Alex pull into a gas station and ask directions to Vegas. (One of them calls the other one "Daddy-O," which is even older and lamer and more tired than "let's rock." Ugh.) Deidre and Hillary are right behind. Claire is being really irritating, telling Peggy to "get out of here" and "let's move" and all that rot. Chill out, lady, seriously. Everybody gets directions, and they're off.

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