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Blake and Paige appear to experience a car-trunk-opening delay, but eventually they get moving. Folks have trouble finding the flag, and Peach is actually the one to spot it. Aw, good job, Fruit. In other news involving Alli's ongoing appreciation for arms, I should mention that Mary has some guns on her, which you can see as they open the clue, which tells them to head for Paqueta Island and kiss Fat Maria. (You know, I think I knew a guy who was in the fraternity where that was the initiation.) Phil explains that they have to grab a boat to the island, and that Fat Maria is a big tree. (No, LITERALLY -- it's a big tree.) Apparently, kissing the tree is good luck. Unless the tree has a horrible fungus or something, probably, in which case it's not as lucky, quite. Russell and Cyndi open the clue, and then they high-five the approaching Blake and Paige on the way down, with Cyndi yammering, "Great job, great job." I'd really like to see these two show a little grace when they're behind, if that's all right, and then I'll feel better-equipped to judge how classy they are. As Blake and Paige read the clue and run off, they say, "Fat Maria, here we come, baby! Wooooo!" You know, there should really be a "Woooo!" quotient. (Think of how happier we all would have been if Bill had been subject to a "Yessss!" quotient.) Like, four "wooooo!"s to a customer, and then you're done for the day. One more after that, and you're disqualified.

Wil bitches about their cab driver. Part of the race, dweeb -- didn't you watch the first season? Of course, when they read the clue about "kiss Fat Maria," Wil leans over and kisses the skinny Tara. Because God knows, that is SO funny. Seriously. No one else would have thought of that. You are so clever, Wil. Fat jokes directed at your skinny wife? I am dying here, really. (Having seen this doof, I seriously feel so bad about everything I ever said about Loud Pushy Frank.)

In their cab, Blake laments to Paige that they didn't get to look at the statue. She happily corrects him that she looked at it. Go, Paige. I hate your Hair Horns, but you're smart to be looking around.

Cameramen careen around the ferries for Paqueta Island. Jeebus heads for the northern dock, where there are no people. They notice that nobody's around, and it makes them nervous. The other teams gradually arrive at the southern dock, where there's a big giant ferry. Uh-oh, Jeebus. Wil and Tara, Blake and Paige, Mary and Peach, Chris and Alex, OneTwin and OtherTwin, and Hope and Norm all get on board. Jeebus continues to worry. There are no people at their dock, and there's no boat. Back on the ferry, high-fives among Chris or Alex and Wil, and then Chris or Alex and Blake. Well, that's nice to see. Also, a nice mid-five between Norm and Paige. Damn, these people are being pretty friendly. ["It's early yet." -- Sars] We see some amicable chatting during the boat ride as well. At Jeebus's Deserted Dock, Russell frets and frets. Cyndi tells him that the other flight is way behind, so even if they're wrong about the boat, they have time to correct it without needing to freak out. Interesting theory.

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