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The other three teams are on the last plane to Bangladesh. Given Jill and Thomas's commanding lead that Brook describes as "epic," one of them says, "If they U-Turn us, they are the biggest idiots in the world." Asked and answered.

Jill and Thomas arrive at Nazira Bazaar and open the clue. Phil informs us, "On any given day, there are more than a half a million cycle rickshaws in the city of Dhaka." And I think we've seen most of them in this episode. Hence this Road Block, in which racers go to a mechanic's shop and build one from a pile of parts. Then the owner will give them their next clue. He looks very serious about this day not ending until there are 500,005 bicycle rickshaws in the city. Jill is taking this one, and upon seeing all the parts she'll have to deal with, reports, "There's like a lot of nuts and bullets or whatever." Even locals who don't speak English laugh at that. She gets to work. It's mostly already built, in the sense that she doesn't need to weld the frame together or anything, just add parts to it. After she attaches the wheels, a checklist appears on the screen with the various items that will need to be attached: wheels, seat, canopy, bell, tassels, pedals, back seat, and chain. A check mark appears next to "wheels." Thomas seems satisfied with how she's doing, and soon she has the seat on as well.

So now that Jill and Thomas have completed a Route Info, a Detour, and a quarter of the Road Block, it's finally time for another team to land in the damn country. Nick and Vicki get into a taxi, and she notices the rickshaws they're passing, hoping they'll have to ride one. "Me, too," Nick drones sarcastically, because traveling around the world and having unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience is such a drag, man.

In front of a growing audience, Jill manhandles the passenger canopy into place and then secures it with what she has since learned are called "nuts and bolts." Nick and Vicki arrive at the supermarket, and notice the smell. "Everybody has a body odor from Hell," Nick interviews. Nick gets started pressing the sugar juice. Vicki says it looks good, and he offers to let her drink it, but she declines. Jill manages to get the bell secured to the handlebars, with some trouble. The bracket doesn't seem to want to line up right. Nick downs his sugar juice, which he didn't care for. "Tasted like sweetgrass," he says. Having never had sweetgrass, I feel no wiser. They're off to the Balanced Meals Detour, and Vicki feels bad for the rickshaw driver who has to schlep bags that are as heavy as they are. "This is crazier than Africa, dude," Nick says of the traffic. Whether he likes it or not, the race is turning even him cosmopolitan.

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