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Screw U -- and U, Too!

Three teams are negotiating the street traffic on rickshaws. There's a crowd of people pushing a delivery truck, either as a show of community solidarity or because they all live in it, and Brook notices a cop directing traffic. He's wearing a surgical mask, carrying a parasol, and gesturing with a skinny little baton, so he's not all that scary, but Brook's intimidated enough to say they aren't about to break any laws. "I really don't want to go to prison here," she says. Which countries would she prefer?

The bow of Nick and Vicki's boat pushes ashore -- giving us a nice close-up of all the crap in the water that makes it look like the Star Wars trash compactor -- and Nick snaps, "Just do it!" while they're collecting the empties. "Don't get all mean," Vicki protests. "Get?" Now they're off to the river port. They get to the big U-Turn X2 sign and see the two photos pasted there, showing that Jill and Thomas U-Turned Brook and Claire. Nick says he knew it, but Vicki is stunned: "Everybody was so far behind." Well, that's Thomas for you. Nick wants to U-Turn Chad and Stephanie, because he thinks they're the stronger team, because he apparently has no memory of any legs before the previous one. But Vicki would rather not, so they don't. "You're too nice," Nick interviews. "Yeah, whatever," she agrees, once again being way too nice to Nick.

Chad and Stephanie are feeling lost enough to stop and ask for directions. Team @ has arrived at the docks, and they quickly find Shajahan's food shop near the river, getting their boat loaded and underway before Brook and Claire even find the food shop. Maybe part of Team QVC's problem is that they keep calling it "Shanahan's," like they're in the Irish district of Bangladesh. Meanwhile, Chad is trying to explain to a local, "It's near water." In other words, they're completely lost.

After the ads, a big enough crowd has gathered around Chad and Stephanie to get them going in the right direction. Up ahead, Nick and Vicki arrive at the Road Block, and bike expert Nick is doing this. While he gets busy, Vicki says they've been communicating really well. I think she's talking again about how well they get along when they don't have to talk to each other, but she's referring to the U-Turn. "Nick's listening to me about not U-Turning is a huge deal." Which is true, but then she says maybe after that he'll start thinking she's right all the time. She had me and then she lost me.

Nat climbs to the deck of the boat and Kat uses one of the "contraptions" they brought along to with them to gather the cans together. Since that contraption is a strap, I don't think they're in danger of violating any rules banning certain devices.

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