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Gary and Will arrive and pay their driver only two, so the blondes got ripped off on cash after all by paying fifty, unless the two teams were paying in different denominations. They teachers start their parade with Gary bitching some more, this time about how he can't see. The twins are already finished, and they interview about how they resolved to be the first of the stragglers. They get their clue to Parliman POS in sixth place and head out, while Rob and Kelley are still unmasking and taking off in eighth. "Wooo, Indonesia!" Nadiya hollers from their becak. The last two teams, the blondes and the substitute teachers, finish up the Detour, Caitlin yelling for Brittany to hurry up and Gary whining about how much longer it is. Funny how I'm not worried about which of them is going home tonight.

The twins get to the U-Turn sign and see that nobody's used it, and neither are they. Nadiya faceplants right into the camera while trying to step away, and Natalie takes a moment to admire their photos on the board before they head off to the Pit Stop. Rob & Kelley are the seventh team to get to the U-Turn, but the first to use it, exactly as promised. Kelley thinks that only Gary and Will are still behind them, so that's who they U-turn. "We need the head start," they rationalize, and Rob interviews that they needed a backup plan in case they had trouble finding Phil. How hard could that be, though? It's not like anyone's going to have any difficulty getting from the U-Turn to the mat, right? Soon they're also racing to the Pit Stop and Rob, spotting the twins up ahead, tells his and Kelley's driver, "Catch those girls!" Sure, Rob. Just lose thirty pounds.

Caitlin and Brittany have finally finished the Detour, and they get back on their becak just as the substitute teachers finish up as well. "Man, that was difficult," Gary complains. The twins rush into the school and are told they're team number six, one slot better than they expected. Phil offers to let them have seventh if they'd prefer, but they politely decline. "That's pretty horrible," Natalie says, smiling widely. They interview that they're happy with their performance considering, but that maybe they should keep fluctuating up and down in the field so no one knows what to expect. "Tomorrow we're going for number one again," Nadiya vows. "We're going for blood." Okay, that's something nobody will expect.

Rob and Kelley come roaring into the mat -- well, it's Rob doing the actual roaring -- and Rob bugs his eyes out at Phil until he tells them they're team number seven, which makes them pretty happy. Even though this means they U-Turned another team for nothing.

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