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Somehow, though, the blondes still get to the U-Turn sign before Gary and Will return to it for the second time, see it all full up and say they "decide to U-Turn nobody," as if it's up to them any more. They read their clue, now officially in eighth place and rush their driver off in what they hope is the direction of the Pit Stop, while Gary and Will ride along in their own rickshaw, telling each other they're still in it. And the blondes, after a short ride, find themselves... back at Parliman POS, much to their dismay. It's like they're racing in a tesseract. Brittany tells Caitlin, "I am so pissed off at this fricking dude." I don't know if he understands what she's saying or not, but she clearly doesn't give a shit. Then we hear her saying in an interview, "It's so frustrating when a guy from this country cannot speak any English." Okay, no way was that not spliced together. Even the ugliest ugly American knows better than to say that, if not in the heat of the moment then certainly not in the quiet confines of the post-leg interview space. Still, one would expect people to stop being surprised at some point that not everyone in the world shares the same language.

Gary and Will return to the POS and pick up their clue, then holler all the way to the Pit Stop about how they don't want the eyebrow and "They can knock us down, but they can't make us stay down!" Soon both remaining teams are riding down the same street, with the subs in the lead. The blondes quietly urge their driver to pass the teachers', and he does, in a rather thrillingly filmed shot. But then they get to the end of the street and the blondes' driver goes left while that of the teachers goes right. That's it for one of those teams, and although it's too early to tell which one, I'd be very surprised to see the blondes' rickshaw luck get suddenly awesome. They both proceed in their separate ways, the teachers confident while Brittany, justifiably less so, holds up the clue for their driver and asks if he's taking them there. Which is something that probably should have been established earlier on.

And at the school, the next team to arrive are... Gary & Will. They run around lost for a while, so it's not quite over yet. But the blondes' driver is just now turning around after going the wrong way again, so it's probably over and they know it. "You just cost us the race, bro," Brittany bitches at him. Finally the teachers run unto the amphitheater, whooping and hollering and making a spectacle of themselves before making it to the mat and becoming team number eight. At least in their post-leg interview, they chalk it up to luck. "Never give up," is the lesson Gary has learned. Because you never know, somebody else in the world could be sucking more wind than you are.

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