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Abbie and Ryan are leaving in fourth place, at 6:19 AM. Ryan interviews how hard it is to race as a couple, because they're so competitive that they're even competitive with each other. You know, with his jujitsu background and her dance background, which of course calls for both of them to visit physical violence upon other human beings... except for Abbie. They're happy to catch up with the other three teams, and Ryan goes on to say that after he and Abbie won the first leg, they now have two million dollars at stake, unlike the other teams. "Obviously, physically, mentally, we can handle the race. Can we handle each other?" And then he wraps an arm around Abbie's head and clamps on hard, going, "Right? Right?" Clearly he's handling her in the literal sense. The question is how much longer she can handle him, figuratively. She might want to start spending less time in grabbing range, to start with.

Eventually, this accreted mass of four teams learns that the restaurant is too far to walk to, so they start piling into cabs. "This is a perfect example of when you are in numbers you just do dumb shit because you feel safe," says the twin who's wearing white today. The other one's wearing gray, by the way. Now I just have to wait for them to get to a Roadblock so I know which is which and I'm set for another week.

Josh & Brent are the fifth team to open their first clue, at 6:26 AM. Brent interviews that there are already two factions of teams: the "alpha teams" (in other words, the teams ahead of them who are already in cabs), and "the rest of us who are just doing our best and we'll win if we know we do our best." Well, they can't all win, can they? We see them getting in a cab as he adds that more often than not it's great people who end up winning. That's nice of you to say, Josh, but I don't think any previous winners are going to share their prize money with you.

James & Abba are the sixth team to get a cab to the restaurant, after starting the leg at 6:34 AM. Abba interviews, "James and I are lone wolves, doing our own thing and being different." Translation: nobody wants to hang out with us. James adds that other teams probably underestimated them, with their long hair and craggy faces and all, but "once we got a chance to run and they got to see something different that might have surprised everybody." I don't know, James's new nickname for them of "Long Hair, Do Care" doesn't seem to have stuck.

Trey & Lexi are the first team to arrive at the restaurant via taxi, still very early in the morning. They grab their clue, which has the Roadblock-indicating question, "Who wants to serve a balanced meal?" Cut to the inside of the restaurant, where Phil follows a server who has way too many plates stacked on one arm and about two in the other hand. Clearly that server's mom never told him to make two trips like mine always did. Phil explains that the racers will have to serve 20 plates of food, "All at once, padang style." The server places all the plates on a table in front of a group of customers, some overlapping, but without dropping a single one. We're shown a second demonstration of this skill, this time with Phil's narration, but I think we get it. Phil warns us that if any plates are dropped -- as we see a whole mess of them smashing on the floor -- the racers will have to go back and try again. This seems like a potentially huge waste of both china and food, but what can the racers do about it? Lexi takes this one for Team Austin. She goes in and starts stacking plates in a kind of inverted pyramid onto the one she's holding in her hand, which is not going to work at all. Clearly her major at UT Austin was not structural engineering.

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