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Josh & Brent, Abbie & Ryan and Jaymes & James get to the clue box outside the restaurant at the same time and in that order. That's some good taxi luck on the part of the goat farmers. This one's going to Josh, Ryan and Jaymes, respectively. Inside, Lexi is struggling with the plate-stacking, getting her thumb pinched and smearing sauces on the bottoms of most of the bowls before putting them all down and starting over. The other teams join her at the pickup table and the twins' absence quickly becomes apparent. That seems to be because their cabdriver doesn't know where the restaurant is. To their credit, they quickly fire him rather than making a whole day out of trying to help him figure out where to go, Amy & Daniel. On the other hand, they don't go too far out of their way to spare his feelings, either.

The blondes, Caitlin and Brittany, open their clue at 7:08 AM. Caitlin interviews that they've never been part of anything this big before and they're expecting new emotions to come out, but "You're going to see me really mad before you see me cry." Is the sequence of events that important? "I could get punched in the face and still not cry," Brittany snort-laughs in agreement. I wonder how many people have taken that dare. I mentally come up with a number, but when Brittany adds, "There's no crying in baseball," I have to revise it sharply upward. In fact, their cabdriver might join those ranks, now that Brittany snaps at him, "Make major plays." Shut major up, Brittany.

At the restaurant, Jaymes is trying to pick up his plates while Lexi finally has a full load. She makes it to the table and manages to get a few put down before dropping all the rest on the floor. You know, this might be easier with your backpack off, Sunshine. All the diners laugh and applaud like restaurant-going jerks the world over. Ryan makes it to a table as well with his full load. Jaymes -- with all twenty plates in one hand because that's an unsung advantage of having slab-like Chippendale arms -- interviews that he has plenty of experience waiting tables and serving drinks, and he manages to deliver his first few plates without incident. Ryan is doing the same, saying that his hands and forearms are shaking, which makes me wish he were serving nothing but Jell-O, if only for the visual. Lexi's back at her table with more plates and no backpack, which is probably wise. While offloading plates, Brent gets cocky and asks his table if he's doing a good job and promptly drops a couple. "That did not sound good," Josh says from outside. Jaymes and Ryan finish at almost the same time, with Jaymes just a bleached hair ahead. They both collect their clues, Ryan hugging the proprietor much more aggressively than Jaymes did. Seriously, dial it down, Grabby. This clue is telling them to get to the Surabaya Gubeng train station and take a train to the town of Bangil. "During their journey, they must keep their eyes open for their next clue," Phil says, as we see a train vendor carrying a bundle of snacks and clues down a train aisle in a way that will be pretty hard to miss for any passengers who aren't literally napping. Both teams hurry out to catch a taxi.

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