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Driven Mad

Gary and Will finally get to the restaurant and Gary wisely takes this one. Will's short arms would not serve him well in this task. Nor would being wound as tight as Will is.

We come back to the train station at what a subtitle tells us is 7:25 AM, just minutes before that train to Bangil is due to depart. Team Metal gets to the ticket counter and is told that the train leaves "Now." The other teams board the train as it pulls up to the platform, while the twins are just arriving outside. They quickly get their tickets and run to platform one, hollering, "Tell the train to wait!" Which doesn't work, either because nobody tells the train or because the train doesn't listen. In any case, the train leaves without them, carrying Team Austin, the Goat Farmers, Team Metal, the Chippendales and Team Grabbie, all of whom celebrate on the train while the twins are left behind. Ryan finds out from a local that the next train leaves Surabaya at 10:55 AM. Wow, that is a huge gap. They all marvel in disbelief at the three-hour head start they just got. Indeed, I can't help suspecting that the Roadblock went a lot faster than the producers expected it to and that everyone was supposed to miss this train so they'd all have to take the 10:55 together. I guess I should be glad they didn't interfere so as to make that happen.

Back at the train station, the twins rush back to the ticket counter and are shocked to learn that they're going to be on a 10:50 train, with the teams they refer to as "all the stragglers." Looks like you're stragglers now, Twinnies.

On the train, Abba talks about how according to the instructions, they're supposed to keep their eyes open for the next clue, like it's going to pass by outside the windows. They're also concerned about the U-Turn. Jaymes, from the team that Abba just drily referred to as the "Chipmunks," takes the floor and suggests that all the frontrunners leave the U-Turn alone, given that they're all in the lead anyway. Everyone shakes on it, except for Team Metal in another part of the car. Not that that's going to mean anything other than touching on the theme of James & Abba's isolation from the other teams.

Back in Surabaya, the monster truckers join the twins while Brittany slowly tells a local to "Ask those people... if they have seen... people like us.... earlier, this, morning." People like you? You mean patronizing Americans?

Back at the restaurant, Gary finishes the Roadblock, though not without a stain on his shirt from a spill that we didn't see. They head to the train station in last place. I have to give them credit for choosing green shirts that show the maximum amount of sweat.

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