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Josh & Brent find the egg vendor, who has chickens right there at her stall and they pick up their four cackleberries, which they'd better be careful with, seeing as how they didn't get any extras. Abbie & Ryan are already done with the Detour, and are quite relieved to have their masks removed after what must have been a very grueling two minutes or so. Ryan is, of course, no sooner freed than he bestows upon Abbie one of his head-grabbing kisses. They get their next clue, which tells them to go to "Perliman POS, where Dorang, Cucut, Hiu, Sapang and Musing meet." These are all streets, as shown by their signs morphing into one another. Should be easy to find, if they can only get on one of those five streets, right? Team Grabbie runs off in first place. The Chippendales are also approaching the end of the task, Jaymes mugging and pelvic-thrusting and generally doing his best to steal the show from under his mask. They get their clue in second place, Team Austin gets theirs in third and Team Metal gets theirs in fourth. They all get back on their rickshaws and ride off. "It's a hot time in the old lion tonight," Metal-James cracks.

Josh & Brent get to the park, where the carnival atmosphere still holds. There's now a guy ripping open a coconut with his teeth, just as one example of the available amusements. That's also part of Debus, I believe. A coconut half is presented to each of the goat famers, with accelerant-soaked wadding stuffed in the cavity so they look like tropical Molotov cocktails. These they are expected to hold on top of their heads, which are protected only with kerchiefs. Then the coconuts are lit up and the magician starts greasing the pans he's going to use over the resulting flame. You'd think that's prep work that could have been done in advance, before your clients have open flames on their heads. "Should we put this in our next cookbook?" Josh asks Brent. Seems like an unnecessarily high insurance liability to me.

The second train is only now leaving Surabaya. Nadiya finds out from a fellow passenger that it's about an hour to Bangil. Caitlin & Brittany realize that they're going to be competing against the rest of the back of the pack, but aren't worried. "We're a lot stronger than the three other teams. I mean we're smart, we're mentally tough and we can do physical tasks, so we can easily beat them." That's why you started the leg in seventh place, right?

In Bangil, the lead teams all approach the five-way intersection where Parliman POS stands, Jaymes reminding everyone not to U-Turn. Team Grabbie is the first team to reach the kiosk that's dominated by the giant Double U-Turn sign with the touchscreen interface. Phil reminds us that the U-Turn gives two teams the opportunity to slow down two other teams by making them do both sides of the Detour (unless, as we'll see later, one of those two teams is made up of idiots). This is a blind U-Turn, by the way, which will end up being significant. Team Grabbie announces that they won't U-Turn anyone, and then take one of the waiting clues, which is already sending them to the Pit Stop. Phil says that's Bangil's number-one high school, which the subtitles identify as Sma Negeri 1 Bangil School. With that name, it had better be a damn good school so the students can spell it. "The last team to check in here may be eliminated," Phil says while standing behind the mat and in front of the assembled class, all of whom are girls draped in white robes and veils. Team Grabbie quickly gets directions to the place, which must also be Bangil's cleanest high school given the uniforms.

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