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Team Chippendale is also approaching, just ahead of Team Austin. Both teams babble about how they're not U-Turning anyone and get on their way to the Pit Stop. Eventually Team Metal gets to the U-Turn sign. Abba calmly says they choose not to U-Turn anyone (see?) and they head to the Pit Stop. The three lead teams are seen hurrying hopefully to the school and James and Abba get to the wrong one somehow. At least they got there quickly, though. There are some fancily-edited shots of the school and then Abbie and Ryan run across the grounds and to the small outdoor amphitheater where Phil's waiting with a member of the faculty, who's dressed exactly like the students. "Hai," she says, which the subtitles helpfully translate as "Hai (Hello)." Thank God for subtitles, right? She welcomes them to Bangil, Ryan celebrates in his customary Abbie-grabbing way, and Phil tells them they've won a trip to Fiji. Trey & Lexi show up moments later and hug after learning that they're team number two. Phil asks them what they think about Team Grabbie coming in first for the second time in three legs. Lexi says they knew from day one that Ryan and Abbie were going to be their strongest competition. "We got lucky!" Ryan fake-protests with a disingenuously shit-eating grin. Yeah, just because I believe him doesn't mean that he does. In an interview, Lexi says that Abby and Ryan are a huge threat, being the only ones who are racing for two million dollars. "If we had the opportunity to U-Turn somebody again, I think it would definitely be Abbie & Ryan," Lexi says while Trey sits silently next to her. We cut back to that team on the mat, suddenly looking serious over a dramatic sound effect, as though they heard what Lexi just said. Or maybe they can just tell what she's thinking. She doesn't really seem like the inscrutable type.

Josh & Brent are done having eggs cooked on their heads, so now they have to eat them doused in hot sauce. Could be worse -- there could be no hot sauce. Brent even licks his plate. "We're farmers, we know fresh eggs and these were laid this morning," Josh interviews approvingly. They're done with the Detour in fifth place and on their way to Parliman POS. This whole leg is kind of a POS.

The Chippendales and Team Metal seem to be arriving at the school around the same time, but Jaymes and James rush in to the mat while James and Abba are still wandering lost around the campus. So that's another third-place finish for the Chippendales, and then Team Metal checks in as team number four. Phil reads the message Abba's spelled out on his shirt in masking tape: "BE DIPHERENT HI FIL!" Phil cackles appreciatively, clearly thinking that's pretty phunny. Abba reiterates, "We don't need the validation of the group." Phil plays along, remarking that they're doing their own thing. "We have to win the race. They're not going to win the race for us," Abba says. Neither will you guys, I'm thinking.

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