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Back at the moat, Thomas is giving Jill encouragement as she pulls them across. Nat and Kat, who have the advantage of being roughly the same size, are sitting facing each other, handling the rope between them like they're knitting with a spiderweb. Brook is trying to keep Claire focused, even though the wind keeps threatening to pull them out from under the guide rope, and once that happens, you're screwed, with no way to get back on course but sink and wade back to the beginning. Jill and Thomas reach the far side as Chad and Stephanie reach the boats waiting for them.

Katie and Rachel have topped the castle wall and go running with their flag. "All right, Katie, don't hit any trees with that thing," Rachel warns. Nat/Kat and Brook/Claire reach the far shore as Chad and Stephanie try to get into their boat. Which involves them trying to stand on it and it sinking under them. And then doing so again. Chad's already pissed, and Stephanie tells him to calm down. "You freaking out is not helping anything at all." It's helping me decide which team isn't my favorite, though.

Andie and Jenna go into a gas station looking for directions to "Norwest Castle." That doesn't work. Hell, even here in the states, Norwest became Wells Fargo years ago. Andie interviews that it's both an advantage and a disadvantage that they don't know each other. Jenna elaborates that the disadvantage is not knowing what the other person will be good at. I'm...not hearing an advantage.

Nick and Vicky ask for directions in a store, but get nowhere. "I need kindergarten directions, obviously," Vicky interviews. Does that rule out left and right? They're no more lost than Ron & Tony, though, because as Tony says, nothing is clearly marked. Well, not if you're looking at it through the roof of the car, Frankenstein.

Back at the castle, Jill and Thomas run onto a field where a jousting tournament is going on with armored riders on horseback. They have to find a knight wearing the same colors on their flag to get their next clue from. Once that's done, Phil says they'll use a medieval weapon called a ballista (actually a big, fixed slingshot) to shoot melons at a knight -- okay, actually just an empty suit of armor -- that's standing fifty feet away. And I gotta say, seeing a watermelon go sailing into a suit of armor and sending it clattering in pieces to the ground is kind of impressive. Once that's done, they'll have to go to the nearby jester, who's juggling clubs while standing on a ball, to get their next clue. Thomas is taking this one. He jumps up o the horse behind the knight wearing the colors of his flag and rides off to the field of battle. Brook is all excited that Claire gets to do the same, because she grew up in a ranch and knows all about horses. Yeah, that's not going to be the hard part, Brook. Nat's doing it for Team @, and just as a reminder, Nat's the blonde one.

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