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Melon Vs. Melon

We get to see a couple of knights making jousting passes during the racers' short ride to the ballistas. Thomas starts firing melons, missing at first. Brook is so impressed with Claire in a post-leg interview that she calls her Wonder Woman. Which will be justified, but probably not at the point where they're showing the clip. Claire's having fun, even though her first melon falls a little short of the target. Nat's not getting enough height on her launches, but Claire's figuring out that she can get more loft by lying almost flat on the ground. Hard to imagine what could go wrong with that technique.

Connor and Jonathan arrive at the castle in sixth place, Jonathan wondering if they have time to pee. Out at the moat, Chad and Stephanie are slowly crossing, but the wind's kicking up and she's telling him not to go too fast. Katie and Rachel board their boat, saying, "We're tinier than they are." Team Glee is climbing the wall as they interview that they're missing graduation to do the race. Jonathan interviews that this race is their "last opportunity to have fun and kind of be kids in a way." Oh, you still have fun after you graduate from college. It's just not the kind of fun that a younger person would recognize as fun, per se.

Chad and Stephanie sink just as a subtitle reads "12th Attempt." Chad angrily punches the lake, which surprisingly does not yield to him in battle. The singers now have their flag, and one of them geeks, "For freedom! For England!" as they run with it. A little rusty on our Braveheart I see. On their way back to shore, Chad and Stephanie wade past the volleyball chicks, who narrate, "We just passed Tinkerbell and Pan." Seriously, with the nicknames? Although I must admit that Chad does have some growing up to do. Then they comment on how "the nerds are so nerdy, Glee" as Jonathan and Connor arrive at the shore. Whatever, I've seen nerdier. I may have even been nerdier.

The three lead teams are still launching melons, and Thomas knocks down his knight first. He gets his clue from the jester, and all they have left to do now is get to the Pit Stop. A ninety-minute show with no Detour? Phil tells us that they'll be looking for "this forested meadow" on the castle grounds, where he's hanging out with some bivouacking knights. "The last team to check in here will be eliminated," says take-no-prisoners Phil. Jill and Thomas go running across the field, and quickly find Phil standing in front of the tents and medieval musicians. You don't often see a hurdy-gurdy being played on prime time network television, but here we are. They run to the mat, a knight-greeter with his visor up welcomes them to Eastnor, and Phil tells them they're team number one. He hands them the Express Pass -- which is just a postcard with "Express Pass" printed on it -- and tells them they can use it at any time up to the eighth leg. I don't remember him mentioning that limitation before. Thomas interviews that it could be an opportunity to stay in "if we were to make a grave mistake." But what if that grave mistake is losing the Express Pass?

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