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Melon Vs. Melon

Jonathan and Connor pass Chad and Stephanie in the moat, which Chad describes as humbling. Doesn't stop him from calling them "the nerds," though.

Rachel is still launching melons while Brook waits for Claire to recover. Connor is riding the horse, saying. "I should have gone to the bathroom." Heh. Claire is now holding an ice pack to her face, and Brook tells us, "You can't blame her. I mean, the girl got whacked in the face with a watermelon." She tries to keep a serious, sympathetic straight face through this speech, but can't keep from cracking up a little right at the end there. Even Katie and Rachel are impressed as Claire gets back up and tries some more. "I am so scared of watermelons. This is horrible," Claire says. Can't she even get a catcher's mask? Oh, right, they're in England. What about a wicket-keeper's mask or something, I don't know?

Connor's still working on it, and Claire's first post-concussion attempt is really close. Rachel bounces a melon off her target, but not hard enough to knock it down. Brook keeps telling Claire how proud of her she is, and Claire actually gets it on the second try. It's obvious that the camera operator didn't think that was going to happen, but it's just as well that the shot focused on her determined face rather than the impact. They run over to the jester, with Brook still prattling away, "She got whacked in the face with a watermelon!" Even the jester, who was one of the first people to rush over to Claire right after the mishap, remarks as he hands over their clue, "That was one heck of a hit you took!" Jesters are always supposed to speak the truth, after all. As they run across the grass, Brook is still gushing, "You are the coolest girl I've ever met in my entire life!" And Claire is still saying, "I can't feel my face."

Connor knocks down his target. After one more launch, Rachel says, "Die!" and it works -- down goes her knight. Team Glee is in fourth place, and Katie and Rachel are right behind them. Or at least we're supposed to think so, even though that doesn't really hold up with what happens next. Team Glee follows the shopping hosts, and it's looking like a three-way footrace. "I've never run that hard in my life," Jonathan interviews. After struggling over an embankment, one of the singers jumps on the mat and slips on his ass. "Wow, that was quite an entry," Phil remarks. Brook and Claire arrive right after, so that makes them teams number three and four, respectively. In a post-leg interview, Brook says, "We were right there, in a position to be in first, and then a watermelon..." They both crack up like the watermelon that committed suicide on Claire's poor mug. Katie and Rachel come in fifth, far enough back that the mat is clear by the time they get there, so I'm doubting the professional athletes were as close behind Jonathan and Connor as we were led to believe. Unless the singers benefited a lot from their well developed lung capacity.

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