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Andie and Jenna have at last reached Eastnor Castle, and are in 9th place. Nick and Vicky, meanwhile, have at least found a random office where a guy gives them directions. Ron and Tony? Still lost. Ron says they're trying to stay focused on what's ahead. Yes, that would be...elimination.

They stop for directions at a gas station, and soon learn they're going in the wrong direction. "All we gotta do now is finish. And not be last," Ron says as they get back on the road. Well, in a world where men have landed on the moon, anything is possible. Except that.

Andie and Jenna climb the ladder, interviewing that it seemed too easy at first, before the water started coming down. Kevin and Michael are making their way across the mat. And Chad and Stephanie are still wandering the grounds of the castle. And then the castle itself. And then the soul-crushing abyss of their own inadequacies.

Gary and Mallory get across, and Kevin and Michael make it as well. Michael interviews, "That probably was the best moment of this leg between Kevin and me." On the other side of the moat, Kevin tells us, "We sank four times, but this man pulled through." Aw. Of course the editors want to make the most of this moment, because who knows how much longer these two will even be in the race?

Nick and Vicky are scaling the castle walls as Andie and Jenna are crossing the moat, seemingly without difficulty. But the bikers are flummoxed by the next part of the clue, which reads, "Retrieve a medieval flag from the battlement." Alas, neither of them knows what a battlement is, so they start asking people, "Are you a battlement?" I hope none of their tattoos show castles or this is going to be even more embarrassing. And of course, the flag is clearly visible right next to them. There's always one of these teams, isn't there?

Ron and Tony see their first road sign for Eastnor, and continue to try to be Zen about it. Which is pretty much the only thing at which they're succeeding.

Gary and Mallory arrive at the tournament grounds. Gary's taking this so Mallory can stand in frank admiration of the jester and say, "Aw, I wish I could juggle on a ball." Then she'd be a shoo-in for the talent round. Miss America, here she comes!

Nick and Vicky have found a flag, but they're still looking for a battlement. Are they kidding me? Post-leg, Vicky interviews. "Oh my god, we are so dumb. It was right there." At least they're somewhat self-aware.

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