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Nat and Kat are both doctors and best friends, and those are apparently their real names. It also earns them the easiest-to-type team nickname ever, Team @. I really hope they make it to the final three. Kat, the brunette, says they're used to being sleep-deprived, and Nat says they've been up at three in the morning for an emergency heart transplant. Let's hope they have to do one of those on the race. "I think we're a team of nerds and we're proud of it," Kat says. Big talk, given how they had to follow Jonathan and Connor.

Michael and Kevin are a father-son team and, according to Phil, "internet sensations" from Sugarland, Texas. Despite this gig, I don't keep up with internet sensations; anything that came after TWoP is a fad, if you ask me. Apparently Kevin posts videos of himself and his dad, and he explains that their million-subscriber humor comes from the fact that Michael is an immigrant (read: funny accent), whereas Kevin is a "first-generation Asian-American" and they have conflicting cultures. So, then, it's like Shit My Asian Dad Says? This internet thing, man, I don't know.

Nick and Vicki are a dating couple from Las Vegas. We see them out on their motorcycle, and Nick getting tattoos on his arm even though he's already got full sleeves. Vicky assures us that whatever people may think about them from looking at them, with their piercings and tattoos, they're actually very athletic. "We're definitely gonna kick ass." Well, I already knew from looking at them that I didn't want to get in a bar fight with them, so she's not really telling me anything new.

Ron and Tony are best friends from Los Angeles, who met while doing a production of The Wiz 22 years ago. Thanks for mentioning the title of the play so I can keep up the illusion of color-blind recapping. Ron, the smaller one with hair, says it's his best friend's dream to do the race. Nowhere is it stated that they are or ever have been a couple, but maybe we'll learn more in future episodes.

Jill and Thomas, from Marina Del Rey, are dating. Thomas describes himself as "extremely competitive" and "extremely outspoken." Can't people like him just describe themselves as That Guy and just save a lot of time? Jill describes him as "when he's right, he's right, and that's that." You too, Jill, just say That Guy. It's easier. She wants to show him that she can be right too, and he smugs, "It's going my way, without question." Sure, they hate each other, but the race will fix that. Or he'll just get Thatter.

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