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The first flight, with a departure time of 7:15 PM, boards with, in case you forgot, Chad/Stephanie, Jill/Thomas, and Ron/Tony. The other eight teams board the second flight, and although we don't get to see its departure time, an Amazing Red Line and an Amazing Gold Line cross the Atlantic to London almost simultaneously. "Rule Britannia" plays as the b-roll hits all the major landmarks ("Look, kids, Big Ben, Parliament!"), and the first flight lands at 6:57 AM. That seems like a pretty short transatlantic flight, taking into account the time difference, but let's keep moving. The first three teams head to the parking garage and find the waiting fleet of cars with the Amazing Little Dashboard Flags visible in the windshields. Jill and Thomas are the first to reach the cars, and Mr. Notre Dame gets in the left side of the car, fully seated before he realizes there's no steering wheel in front of him. Welcome to England! They have a good laugh about that. Now it's just a mile to the M25 and they're in good shape.

Despite his self-intro at the beginning, Thomas's voice sounds so laid back you might almost imagine that his last name is Chong. Ron & Tony hit the road and Ron, behind the wheel, says, "Our first order of business is to stop and get a map." What, they didn't have any of those in Logan? Where you sat around waiting for the whole afternoon? Chad also mocks Stephanie for getting in the wrong side of the car, and she remarks that driving stick left-handed is "really weird." I can imagine. In fact, I think Pee-Wee Herman tried that same argument. They're looking for the M25, and Chad is a little shirty when he tells her they're going south. They're not yet, but they will be.

Jill and Thomas talk about wanting the Express Pass. I want to see someone say, "No thanks, we're not interested. We want to do all the tasks. In fact we're going to do both Detour options in every leg. We're here for the experience!"

Ron and Tony stop at a petrol station for a map. Tony interviews that he has his undergraduate degree from Stanford and an MBA from the University of Arizona. Despite this speech, Ron says Tony downplays his education, and he hopes it comes into play on the race. "Yes, it will," Tony says confidently. You know who else had a lot of degrees? This season's Big Brother jury. I'm just saying.

Chad and Stephanie realize they're going the wrong way, and he yells at her a little about changing lanes. Stephanie interviews that he's got a loud, foul-mouthed temper, which she blames on his having been a football player. Clearly she doesn't watch Glee either. Back in the car, Stephanie says she's trying to take in being here as well as driving. "Who cares about being here?" Chad dicks. "I don't care about that right now." Charming. You know when people get to the end and they say they wouldn't have wanted to do the race with anyone else? I bet Stephanie isn't thinking that right now.

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