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The Best Pest Is A Budapest

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At the Berlin airport, Spazpants is still complaining, trying to get the lady to throw them into first class for coach prices, so that they can get on the flight. I think if they keep harassing her for another four or five hours, they'll totally get their way. No, really. Anyway, Lori and Bolo are next to arrive at the airport, and when they get there, they discover that even the Air Berlin flight is now full. They wind up having to take a route with a connection through Munich, which will require them to get out at 9:20 AM and land in Budapest at 12:20. So this will put them ten or fifteen minutes behind the Air Berlin folks, which isn't all that awful, fortunately. As Lori comments, due to the connection, they're the first ones out of Berlin, but they'll be the last into Budapest. Those early departures will kill you.

As the Malev flight boards, Spazpants continues arguing for that upgrade, but...nothing doing. Once the flight is gone (yay!), Jonathan returns to the ticket counter to inform the people there that they lost the race for him. They swear inwardly that they will feel bad all day. Somehow, Kris manages to be relatively happy as she explains that she and Jon, Hornio, and Spazpants are on the Air Berlin flight. What about being on a plane with those people would make you happy, I do not know. But then, Kris is very happy. When she's not, um...cussing at babies! Never mind, I can't do it.

In Budapest at 11:05 AM, the first flight lands. The teams all head out into the parking lot and find the funny, boxy little Trabants, which not only look like they might not run so well, but also look like you might be meant to pour water on them and reconstitute them to be as big as real cars. Oom-pah-pah music begins on the soundtrack, and you know what that means -- physically awkward maneuvering and/or farm animals. And there are no chickens in sight, so it looks like it's big asses and small seats, people. The teams work to fit themselves into the cars. "This is like a clown car," Hera remarks as Gus begins the process of wedging himself into the driver's seat. And I do mean "wedging." Freddy finds the car "hilarious," and Aaron thinks that Hayden will have to drive so that he can follow the directions. "Initially," Hayden says, "Aaron and I decided that I would drive the car, because maps scare me." Yes, "maps scare" Hayden. And she had no time to get over this phobia before coming on the trip, so...brilliant. Hayden complains that she can't drive the car, so it isn't clear what her usefulness in this situation is going to be, but Aaron asks her to please not "freak out." "This ain't a lotta car," Gus says ruefully as he pulls the door shut, compressing himself into a squarish shape I'm thinking he will retain after he gets out of the car. "Currently in 1st Place," Gus and Hera pull out of the airport lot. Heh. Excellent.

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