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Of course, after that, everything got more unpleasant as Rob snagged the direct bus. Other teams caught on, et cetera, and we don't really see any more of this than before. Ray claims in an interview that Rob lied, and Debbie bitches in an interview about how Rob "yelled at" her, which doesn't appear to be the case, particularly since she's the one picking the fight to begin with, so...whatever, girlie. In an interview, Rob tells the camera that what amuses him the most is that he's not even sure he's got the fastest bus, but everyone is so paranoid about everything he's doing that they're following him on the strength of that alone. true. And stupid.

And now, the story of how Patrick got his bandage. It turns out that as the teams were getting on the bus to Arequipa, Patrick conked his head on the side of the bus and had to go and get medical attention. He didn't even need a stitch, so he just got an ugly Band-Aid, and then they headed out. You can kind of see why they left that riveting story out of the original show. They don't nominate the editors for Emmys for nothin', you know.

Megan and Heidi, Brian and Greg, flirty-flirty. Yuck. I'm trying not to think about it.

And then, interestingly enough, there is a lamb being butchered on the floor of the bus. And the lady who brought it shares it with the entire group. And everyone is really grateful and happy, except for -- you guessed it -- Lynn and Alex, because -- you guessed it -- they can't stop bitching about how icky it was, because they have decided that this routine is hilarious, no matter how old it gets and no matter how many times we watch them do it. "It was making me dry-heave," Lynn complains. Well, you can...take that approach to strangers in foreign countries, or you can choose not to. And if you choose not to, I personally believe you'll have a better time, but I wouldn't want to interfere with anyone's shtick.

We are headed for the Shoeshineblock in Santiago -- but first, it turns out there was a layover in Lima, Peru. Brian and Greg check out the surroundings at the airport and conclude that it doesn't look too comfortable, so Greg suggests that maybe they could share a room know, Megan and Heidi. Just for laughs. Or whatever. "Ding!" says the snarky soundtrack as Brian smiles at the thought. The four apparently reach some sort of an understanding, because they do indeed head out to split a hotel room. Brian says that he and Megan "hit it off" right away. And he would like to, "like, date her." I'm not sure what it means to "like, date her," but I'm not sure I want to know, because it might make me sad. ["It means I no longer want to, like, date him, that's for sure. Nice going, Brian." -- Sars] "The guys were perfect gentlemen," Megan interviews. "Didn't...try anything." And then she looks off to the side all cutesy, like she wants to make sure you don't miss how naughty she is. So very tiresome, that routine.

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