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When we return from commercials, Gretchen is still being bandaged by the first-aid staff. She adds a "no close-ups" comment we hadn't seen before (heh), but basically it's more of the same. Gretchen is a bad-ass, is what I'm saying.

Ray and Deana beat out Rob and Amber for the Fast Forward and won a pair of cars, rather revoltingly. Shopping Roadblock, adorable orphans, pit stop. Meredith and Gretchen arrived bleeding in last place, and they were mugged for all their money and all their stuff, but they were allowed to stay in the race. But they'll have to do it without the orange and the compass!

Next leg took the teams to a nature reserve where they fed the lions.

On the way to the airport after the lion situation, Rob notices that Meredith is following him, clearly not sure where he's going. In the trailing car, Gretchen confirms that this is exactly so. "Want to play games with them?" Rob asks. "No," says a weary Amber, but Rob likes games, so there you go. Rob changes lanes; Meredith changes lanes. "Don't fool around," Amber says. "Sorry, honey," Rob comes back, but...he kind of can't stop himself, because he's That Guy. It appears that Rob's final game is to act like he's going off on an exit, and then zoom back onto the road at the last minute, which makes Meredith pull back even more last-minute, and that's more of this than I want to see, certainly. The resulting wreck, as Amber points out, wouldn't be very amusing. I wish Rob hadn't done that, because the next part is pretty funny again, as Meredith and Gretchen actually pass them, and Rob makes his face like he has no idea where he's going, with an exaggerated shrug and everything. Sigh. "I'm going to be really mad at you," Amber says. "I'm sorry; I won't screw around anymore," he tells her. "You've said that three times," she says. "I know. But this time, for real," he says. Did I mention, "Sigh"? Ay-yi-yi.

Botswana. Teams buy train tickets, but can't leave until that night. Rob and Amber pop into a store, and they find themselves on the cover of a magazine. They peruse the article and chuckle at its statement that they fly everywhere first class. Rob interviews that some of the other teams don't like the fact that they're on a magazine cover in Africa. "The fact that you can't vote us off The Amazing Race...cry all you want," he grins. he's kind of a jerk again. It really is hard to keep up.

Then the teams headed to the hunting Roadblock with the bushmen. Brian hit it in the hind end, heh. And then they drove through the bush, and Brian and Greg crashed their car. Lynn and Alex stopped to "help," but Rob and Amber didn't. And then there was corn-pounding and water-sucking. Ron and Kelly finished first, and Greg and Brian wound up in a race to the pit stop with Ray and Deana. And, wonder of wonders, the brothers managed to pull out the victory, bringing joy! To the land! It's unbelievable! Oh, farewell, Ray and Deana.

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