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And then in the wildlife leg, teams drove through Botswana, enjoying giraffes and elephants and so forth. Goat/Carry Detour. While Alex milks the goat, Lynn says, "I think when they're relaxed, they give it up more. You know, like a date." Har-har! That would be Lynn's third attempt at making a hilarious goat joke. I think I like mine better. And then there is the Logblock, where the greatest challenge seemed to be following directions, of all things.

Brian and Greg have an additional problem when Brian drives the car off the road. "I saw a lion," Brian says flatly. "He saw a lion," Greg says indulgently. "The lion jumped out," Brian says. "None of us saw it," Greg goes on. "It was a fast lion. It was really fast! It got out of the way. Nobody got to see it except him." And then Greg claims that their "bumper fell off," but he just holds up their license plate. So now they have a souvenir, as Greg points out. "So...thanks, Brian." He pats Brian on the shoulder. "There was a lion," Brian says, just perfectly. I miss them already.

Rob and Amber won the leg again, and Brian and Greg came in last, by a lot, after changing into their swim trunks. They were unfortunately Philiminated, but they do like each other. Phil explains that the teams then had a little celebration of surviving the first half of the race. Amber says that it's been "wild and crazy." Ron says it's "an amazing part of [his] life." Lynn says it's been bringing him and Alex together. Meredith says Gretchen makes friends everywhere. Mostly with paramedics. Uchenna says that it's "so beautiful" to be in Africa. Phil wonders what's ahead for the final five. "Keep the surprises coming," Uchenna says. Aw.

Next week: Ron and Kelly fight! Woo! Watery, red-state jerkweeds in a battle to the death! I totally care.

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