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Meghan and Cheyne lead their group to the shrine first, and the lovely Japanese woman in a traditional kimono and a possibly less traditional Sarah Palin hairdo welcomes them to Tokyo. Phil -- who couldn't have been in Tokyo all that long himself at this point --tells them they're team number one, and adds that they've won a trip to Aspen and Vail, complete with all the alpine adventure that entails. "You guys are young, but you are fast... tenacious... a little sweaty," Phil observes. Cheyne interviews that they've both been dreaming about this since high school. Phil and I both think, Oh, God, I'm old.

Back at the studio, Big Easy and Lance are working through their wasabi bombs, as Brian's frustration grows at not getting one yet. Big Easy works the crowd a bit as he finishes his off, which naturally invokes another replay of "Sweet Georgia Brown." Lance finishes a few seconds later, screaming like the loon he is. Both teams are on their way.

Zev and Justin are leading their team in a chant of "Yellow! Yellow!" As they arrive in second place. Zev interviews, "I'm dealing with not having my daily routine pretty good so far and just going with the flow of the race." You mean he doesn't normally go to Japanese TV studios on a daily basis Justin says he was proud of Zev. Zev returns the sentiment. "Should we make out?" Justin asks. Zev doesn't seem too into the idea.

Canaan is eating a wasabi bomb, while Brian stands helplessly by, looking like he's trying to shit one. The other teams express their frustration, as Canaan earns himself and Mika an orange flag and an orange team to lead with it.

Marcy and Ron are still wandering the streets with their group, and Big Easy stops traffic with his green flag to get his group across a street. "I think, walking through the crowd, they thought Godzilla was walking down the street," Flight Time interviews, pointing at Big Easy, towering over the locals. Hell, he towers over Flight Time. We even see Easy helping along a grateful old woman who doesn't even seem to be on their team. Meanwhile, Lance|Keri and Garrett|Jessica draft some locals to show them the way.

With three teams still left at the studio, Gary and Brian get their wasabi bombs. Gary interviews, "You gotta understand, sushi's not on every street corner in Montana." Excuse me, Gary, I've been to Montana. There aren't that many street corners. Brian starts choking early on, spitting out a handful and getting the fire-breathing crocodile fail graphic on the screen. Ericka and the host wave him back to the wheel.

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