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Ericka is screaming at Brian as he tries to finish up, counting down the seconds for him one ahead of the clock, like she's trying to get him out of the house faster by lying about the time. He cuts it down to the wire, raising his arms and opening his mouth just as the timer hits zero. The host gives it to him, and as they leave with their team, he apologizes to her. Her compassionate response? "You can throw up later." I'm starting to think that being in love is overrated.

Marcy and Ron reach the mat in fourth, accomplishing what the Washington Generals never could. By which I mean that Flight Time and Big Easy are right behind them in fifth.

Brian uses his megaphone to recruit an English-speaking local in a Levi's t-shirt to take them to the shrine. Brian says, "We had an angel come to our rescue. He knew exactly where it was and it was truly a blessing." His Christian deity is like, "No problem, dude. Enjoy that SHINTO SHRINE."

Gary and Matt get directions to the scramble crossing from a couple of young British (I think) women and proceed on their way. Jessica and Garrett, meanwhile, have run into trouble in the form of a member of their crowd who needs to pee. Hey, how did Jen from TAR14 end up in their group? Jessica leads her into a restaurant to beg the use of a toilet. Luckily for them, nobody else in the group seems to hear nature's call, or this could turn into the wrong kind of pit stop in a hurry.

Brian and Ericka are still rushing along, Brian physically carrying a member of his group. "The next time I'm going to charge you for that ride," he tells her through his megaphone after putting her down. Mika and Canaan, who I had completely forgot about, lead their orange team across the Scramble. They appear to have picked up a bit of Japanese to use on their crowd. Meanwhile, Jessica and Garret run past the Sam|Dan|Maria|Tiffany axis, causing the latter group to split up as the boys follow the couple. Brian and Ericka have really eaten up the other teams' leads, because they arrive in sixth place. Ericka interviews that "It keeps our faith renewed that you have to absolutely just fight till the end." Well, yes, but not with each other.

Gary and Matt arrive next. Phil tells them, "You are team number..." Eyebrow! "...Seven!" They celebrate extravagantly. That eyebrow will brighten up anyone's day.

Maria tells Tiffany to hold up a bit; they're two people short. "I bet they're with the green team, honey," one of them says after a quick headcount, as though their groups are colliding galaxies whose stars are sucked helplessly into each other's gravitational pull as they pass through each other. In fact, Team Inside Straight's missing tourists are shown looking rather bored on a curb back at the scramble, all by themselves. Well, surrounded by fifteen hundred people, but not anyone they're supposed to be with. Maria and Tiffany's dilemma is that they know where the shrine is, but they have to go back to collect their stragglers. "Can we not lose any more people?" Maria says. "I'm not saying it's your fault," she says, which is not something people say to people who they do not think are at fault. Later, Tiffany makes excuses to us for not counting her charges every second. I think we now know why she prefers poker over blackjack.

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