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"Don't go anywhere," Phil tells us in voice-over, which is pretty goddamned hypocritical of him if you ask me. Oh, he's just saying there's another hour coming up. Pardon me while I grab a Kirin.

The second hour begins like any other episode, with Phil sharing some facts about Tokyo, Japan: "Today it is the busiest and most populated city in the country. But in ancient times, it was a tiny fishing village. And at its heart, a monument to that ancient life, Konno Hachimangu Shrine. Which just happens to be the first Pit Stop in a race around the world.

Because Meghan and Cheyne arrived at 12:19 PM, they are leaving in the middle of the night, at 12:19 AM. Their clue is sending them to Vietnam, specifically a town whose name they can't pronounce. Fortunately Phil's' VO is there to clarify that after a 2,600 mile flight to Ho Chi Minh City, they will take a two-hour bus ride to the rural fishing village of Cai Be (yeah, that's a mouthful), where they'll have to locate a boat dock to find their next clue. Meghan and Cheyne hop into a cab to Narita airport. In an interview, Meghan says that Cheyne's motto is, "'We'll figure it out when we get there.' There's no planning in anything that we do and the race will definitely test that." Won't the race pretty much force that?

Zev and Justin are leaving at 12:36 AM, and their plan is to look at the internet in the adjoining hotel. Justin interviews that it's nice to not be seen as a threat, so they've been advertising Zev's Asperger's to all the other teams. Zev says his biggest problem is in social situations, which is not necessarily a deal-breaker on the race. What would be the biggest challenge for Zev would be if he were the first reality-show contestant in history who did come here to make friends. Online, they learn that the earliest flight to Vietnam will depart Narita airport at 10:30 AM.

Lance and Keri are leaving third, at 12:40 AM, and Keri reads that they're going to "Ho Cho Manh." Shall we give her the benefit of the doubt and assume that's her Boston accent coming into play? As they enter the same internet café that Team Asperger's just arrived at, Lance interviews that their relationship is part of the race, and it will affect things at times. So far, so good. "We do bicker to a certain degree," he says. No! To demonstrate this, we see Keri using the computer terminal while Lance backseat-drives. He uses a reasonable tone of voice, but then mimes shooting himself in the head, which wasn't really necessary. His interview continues that they're here to win, not "lollygag and try to find each other, because..." and then he pretends to have found himself, as an excuse for waving his big old arm in the camera. As he takes over the computer from Keri, she says she gets frustrated with him. "I'm sitting right here," he laughs.

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