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Garrett and Jessica arrive in second place, and Garrett drafts her for the Road Block. She gets started, and Cheyne and Garrett stand laughing at their women's incompetence from the waiting/spectator area. Yeah, it's still at the stage when they think it's funny.

Brian and Ericka arrive in third, and she takes it. "I probably would have killed one of these ducks," Brian interviews. That would have made it much harder to herd. Ericka gets right to work, baby-talking her ducks out of the pen. "Everybody shake a duck feather. Come on," she encourages happily. So far they're getting along great.

Matt's taking this for Team Pinky and the Brain, as are Flight Time and Sam for their respective teams. Meghan is still having trouble, getting too close to her flock of ducks so that she bisects the flock and they escape the perimeter of her flags. She interviews that it was frustrating, while Cheyne pats her shoulder supportively. Jessica's not doing much better, but Matt appears to have considerable early success, getting his ducks across the bridge quickly. Flight Time does almost as well, but Sam has one straggler that he has to chase down before shooing the herd through the chute. From the sidelines, Dan looks waaaay too frustrated. On the bright side, if they ever run into a Road Block where one of them has to give himself an aneurysm, they'll be in good shape.

More arrivals: Keri, Marcy, and Mika are doing this. Every team with a woman is having her do it, are you noticing this? Meghan runs out of time, so she's done for now. And Jessica, stuck on one stubborn bird that doesn't want to move, also runs her clock out. Ericka, who's showing a great deal of thong, has about half her flock crossing the bridge while she's trying to organize the other half. "Stop in the name of love!" she barks at one of them. "Get your ass over here!" I think the honeymoon is over.

Meghan and Jessica are back at the waiting area, still covered with mud and fail, complaining about how hard it is. Cheyne is supportive of his partner, pointing out that she's hardly the only one who's going to have trouble with this, but Garrett isn't quite as patient with Jessica. In fact, he solo-interviews, "Jessica can be very difficult to deal with, she has a very quick fuse when something isn't going exactly her way." Funny, I'm not seeing that at all. I find myself wondering what Garrett's job is back home. You think he might be a projectionist?

Sam is the first to finish successfully, and they're off to the Pit Stop in first place. Are they not doing Detours this season or something? The Pit Stop is the Bassac III riverboat, docked next to a busy marketplace in the village. "The last team to check in here may be eliminated," Phil warns. They'd bloody well better be.

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