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They're Slithering To The Finish Line Like The Rest Of Us, Part I

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All the teams are in taxis. "I feel upbeat. You feel good?" Gerard asks. Kenny agrees that he does, but adds, "It's so hard to enjoy when you're running around like nuts looking for these clues, sweating your ass off..." He looks down at himself. "Not that that's a bad thing," he says. Ian, meanwhile, says that FloZach is right behind him and Teri, and he thinks that the cab drivers are communicating about where they're supposed to go, even though Ian asked his driver not to. Ian calls this behavior by his cab driver an "act of God." Yeah, I'm not sure that interpretation would hold up if your insurance company tried it. In the FloZach cab, Zach reiterates that all they're trying to do at this point is finish the leg without being too far behind, because Flo is pretty much used up.

The Bald Snark finds the route marker, and asks their cabbie to wait for them while they read it. It's this week's Detour. A Detour, you may recall, is a choice between two tasks, and this week, the choices are Basket Boats or Basket Bikes. As Phil explains it, the Detour requires the teams to either transport themselves on a bike loaded down with baskets or transport themselves in a pair of little one-person boats. Ken and Gerard take off in the direction of the bikes. When they get there, they realize that the bikes are not exactly what they were expecting. If you didn't see it, it's hard to even explain what went on here, but basically the bikes look like giant peacocks, because they have dozens of baskets stuck to and up from the back. The baskets make the bike about twice as tall as it would otherwise be, and they extend substantially out to both sides. In other words, there is a tremendous amount of weight that's been attached to these bikes, so they're mightily unwieldy. The boys put helmets on, and they're off. Well, I should say that Ken is off. As Gerard explains in an interview, Kenny is actually able to ride the thing, but Gerard keeps tipping over. He actually manages to break one of the pedals on his bike one of the many times he wipes out. God, where would the world be without the inherent comedy of people falling down?

The Asshat cab driver gets them to the yellow flag next. They too choose the bikes. One of the interesting things about this Detour is that there is quite a crowd of interested and highly amused spectators watching the teams try to operate these loaded-down bikes. They laugh as Ian tips over, and then Teri tips over. Finally, Ian gets himself rolling down the road. "EYE-AN!" Teri yells angrily as he leaves her behind. "EYE-AN!" And then she mutters, "Schmuck." Ha! Finally, Teri and I see eye-to-eye.

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