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They're Slithering To The Finish Line Like The Rest Of Us, Part II

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It's the end of the world as we know it

In the Bald Snark cab, Gerard says something encouraging, and Kenny answers with something mocking, and Gerard gives Ken a shove in the head, as he is wont to do. In the FloZach cab, Flo notes that they're right on the tail of Ken and Gerard. Teri and Ian note that they've caught up with the other two teams, so now it's a caravan to the park. The teams come up to a yellow light. "Go go go go go," Ken and Gerard say in unison, and their driver does, making them the only team to make the light. The other teams note this with some unhappiness. Gerard cackles. However, just as they're getting happy, they hit a new red light, and the other teams are able to catch them again. Damn! What's more, Ken and Gerard now get themselves stuck in the slow lane, which allows FloZach to actually pass them. Ack! I am so battered by fortune's whims.

The tightly-bunched teams pull up at the clue box. The clue tells them to travel on foot to the International Fountain at Seattle Center. Phil explains that this will be a run to the fountain near the Space Needle, and they'll have to pick up the next clue when they get there.

The run begins. FloZach and the Bald Snark are running together at first, but Gerard stops to ask directions to the fountain, and FloZach runs by them. He doesn't get the directions anyway. Asshat, meanwhile, is told by a friendly lady who knows what she's doing (give general directions to something they can eyeball) to head for the Space Needle.

As FloZach runs, Flo asks whether Zach knows where they're going, and he assures her that he does. She voices over that Zach had learned about Seattle Center and the Space Needle in a tour book that they bought, so she had reason to believe that he knew where he was going. Elsewhere, Teri wants to know just how far they're running here, and Ian breaks the news that it's pretty far, actually. Before long, Ken and Gerard pass Teri and Ian, who decide to just follow them. Meanwhile, Zach asks directions for the last little bit of the walk to the fountain, while Ken and Gerard are told that they're already on the right track. I would point out that Zach does try to confirm that the fountain -- not just the Space Needle or Seattle Center -- is down in the direction that he and Flo are running.

Street-running ensues. Teri is panting, but she keeps going.

For reasons that may or may not include the fact that Zach has aimed right at the Space Needle instead of at the fountain, while Ken and Gerard continually asked directions to the fountain itself, Ken and Gerard are the first to the clue box. The clue they breathlessly extract tells them to go to Lincoln Park and follow the arrows to the next route marker. Phil explains that Lincoln Park is on the west side of Seattle, and they'll get yet another clue when they get there. Just as Ken and Gerard run off, Teri and Ian run toward the clue box. Ken and Gerard look for a cab, but the cabs all seem to have someone in them.

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