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They're Slithering To The Finish Line Like The Rest Of Us, Part II

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It's the end of the world as we know it

At the travel agency, Kenny tells Ian, gently but firmly, that Ian is frankly wigging out the travel agency people, and it would be better if they all stayed on their side of the counter to let the nice lady work. He goes on to make Ian an interesting and rather blunt offer, pointing out that the two teams are bunched, so they'll wind up getting on the same flight anyway, and it might be better to turn the negotiations over to Gerard, who can presumably get the same thing accomplished without turning into quite such a nightmarish apparition from the dreams of everyone who has to wait on the public. I get the feeling that this entire thing really must have been going south, or Ken never would have intervened like this. I would also point out that when Ken suggests having Gerard do it, Teri nods emphatically. Because she is no dummy. Ian, on the other hand, continues to insist that he's getting along just fine with the lady. He also claims that she invited him behind the counter, which isn't the case unless that happened before Ken and Gerard got there and Ian was returning to the area behind the counter when the teams met up, because that certainly isn't what happened the time that we saw him go behind the counter. Anyway, a cooperative Teri agrees that they should all work together. The travel agency lady, trying a new approach to defending her territory, actually comes out from behind the counter to talk to them, at which point Ian immediately starts in again. "Let Gerard talk for a while," Teri says firmly. (Everyone at TARcon: "OH!") Ian angrily flops into a seat, doing his passhole-aggresshole routine for us one last time. "Do it," he says. "Do it. You want to do this? Do it." At this point, the travel agency lady looks about ready to throw all of them out into the street. Ian goes on to snot to Kenny, "I'm telling you, before you guys got here, this lady and I were holding hands." Well, maybe so, Ian, but it doesn't really count as "holding hands" when you've got her wrist in a death grip. Just saying.

FloZach reads the clue at the Buddha. At the sight of the word "Hawaii," Flo literally starts screaming and jumping up and down. Gosh, she's so happy and positive! It seems oddly fitting that the weather is fair.

Asshat and the Bald Snark book their tickets to Honolulu. Ian voices over, as we see him and Gerard shake hands, that the flight goes from Hanoi to Japan tomorrow morning, and then from Japan to Hawaii. Ken and Gerard leave first for the train station. In their cab, Gerard says with distaste and surprise, "Do we have an alliance with Teri and Ian?" An alarmed Kenny says, "Oh my God, I think we have an alliance with Teri and Ian." Gerard, a little squicked out: "How'd that happen?" They laugh. I just think it's so impressive that with all the crap they've been put through -- remember, they've been subjected to exactly the same conditions as everybody else -- these guys have somehow not lost the ability to chuckle at absurdity. Normally, by this stage of the race, the teams look like hell -- even previous winning and runner-up teams looked like hell by the time they finished. Ken and Gerard, for whatever reason, look pretty much like they did on day one, except that Ken is skinnier, I think. I'm so happy they stayed around. What good company.

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