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Sex, booze, and the general dealer

Back at the SUV lot, Blake and Paige climb into their vehicle, as do Jeebus and Xerox. And here is The Obscure Xerox Difficulty Of The Day: they can't drive stick. No, really. They can't drive stick. Tragic for them, but I have to say, this is why this is such a good show. You just never know. Among other things, it took labral on the forums to point out to me that the driver's seat is on the right side of the car, so even if you know how to drive stick, this particular task involves driving stick with the other hand. Excellent point. Throw in the fact that they're lost, and Xerox is struggling.

In the Taraweasel SUV, Wil calls her "Bony" again. How lovely, really. At least she calls him "Lazy" in return. I'm so disappointed that I can't have these people over for Thanksgiving dinner, because I bet it would be really pleasant. He mentions paying her "the big bucks" again. Wow, Wil, that is a mighty short joke-recycling time. At least wait until tomorrow to recycle the jokes of today. They find the General Dealer. Even though the building says "GENERAL DEALER" on it, Wil asks the guys outside, "Who's the general dealer?" No, Wil. The dealer is not a person, although I can understand how you might think it is, given some of your shirts and that blank expression you wear when not angry. Inside, they ask for the postcard of the day. The clue on the postcard tells them they need to find a woodcarvers' market.

Boston jumps a railing and heads for the lighthouse. At the top, they look out and see their SUV, all alone in the lot. Chris (I think) voices over that this part was rather depressing. What he says, precisely, is: "The hah-dest paht was lookin' down and seein' that the-ah was only one caah left in the pah-kin' lawt." This was the highlight of the episode, I'm sure, for anyone who's into the accent. Hey, we all have our weaknesses.

In the Gary/Dave SUV, they're pulling up to the General Dealer.

Phil shows us the Brown Desert Highway again, clarifying for anyone who isn't paying any attention at all that everyone is making their way through the desert of Namibia. He catches us up with the fact that Oswald and Danny are in front (with the FF). Other leaders are Taraweasel and Gary and Dave. In the middle, we have Mary and the Fruit, Blake and Paige, and Jeebus. Trailing are Xerox and Boston.

Blake and Paige spot the flag and give a big "wooo." Don't overdo the "woo," Blake and Paige. "This is it, baby, this is when we start coming back," he intones. "Team Mycoskie, we're going to take control of this game." Ew. There's a real stink starting to come from this team, and it's not the sweet smell of success.

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