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Sex, booze, and the general dealer

Jeebus reaches the Roadblock, and Russell does it. Meanwhile, Boston locates the General Dealer. When Russell returns to the Jeebus SUV with the giraffe, he is confronted with the dilemma of how the heck to transport it. He actually gets very frustrated trying to wedge the thing into the back of the SUV, eventually barking at Cyndi to tell him what to do. She comes to his rescue, telling him that he needs to put the heavy part inside and let the light part hang out of the tailgate. In my family, that was my sister's job -- she's a genius at packing the car. If I ever need to move my entire apartment in two shoeboxes, she's who I'll call. I cannot tell you how many family vacations we took where I would grump, "This stuff is never going to fit in the car," and she would wiggle her nose and snap her fingers and everything would just spontaneously fold itself up and tuck itself away. She has The Gift.

Gary and Dave arrive at the Amani Lodge. "Boy, am I in the mood for a longneck," Gary shticks as he pulls the giraffe out of the SUV. (THUNK.) They hit the mat, and are told that they're team number two. As much as they annoy me, I have to give them credit for doing a very fine job in the last couple of legs.

Taraweasel, suffering a touch of Taxicab Curse, are driving around looking for the lodge. Wil interviews that the problem actually happened because they "forgot to read" the details of the clue. Heh. Yeah, reading the clue is generally a good idea. In the car, he calls her stupid and smacks her in the head. Wow, do I ever hate him.

Jeebus, leaving the marketplace, passes Boston, which is arriving. In one of my favorite little moments of the episode, Russell mentions to Cyndi that that was Chris and Alex they just passed, and she literally growls, "Man." It's very un-Cyndi, and thus very funny. That's pretty much as much hostility as she can muster, and I think she's turned on them since the drunken revelry at the last pit stop.

Boston pulls into the Roadblock. Alex does it, and he appears to struggle a bit with the bargaining, in the sense that the price keeps going up, rather than down. I must point out, though, that the clip where he goes, "Fifty!? Seventy?! Eighty?! A hundred?!" is totally cooked, because it's all with different people, except for "eighty" and "hundred," and there's still a cut there, so it's hard to tell what order it all happened in. He does point out to eighty/hundred guy that the price isn't supposed to go up when you bargain with people, although it appears to be a pretty jovial discussion. When he's done shopping, Alex looks for the bushman. "Hey, bushman!" he yells. As he lays out the animals, Alex says, "A leopard here for you, bushman...I got an elephant here for you, bushman..." I will bet you a hundred bucks that Alex saw the first season, because if that's not a shout-out to

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