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Xerox. They sadly explain that they didn't make it to the dunes before they closed, so they just went ahead to the pit stop, presumably skipping the Roadblock and the Detour. One of them (without a visual, I am completely at a loss) voices over that it's been great, that he's had fun, and that he wouldn't trade it for anything. Aww. They step up to the mat, and are Phil-iminated. They take it pretty well. "I love this guy," Shola says, indicating his doppelganger. Sigh. "If they can finish this," says a Xerox, over footage of the other teams, "I want to be at the finish line to shake their hand." Ooooh, good ending!

The lesson of this episode? Do not in any way become affiliated with Blake and Paige. They step on the mat with Norm and Hope, and Norm and Hope are eliminated. They share a tent with Peggy and Claire, and Peggy and Claire are eliminated. They step on the mat with Xerox, and Xerox is eliminated. I'm telling you, it's some kind of creepy-ass Texas voodoo or something. Do not fall victim!

Executive producer? Jerry Bruckheimer.

Next week: Blake and Wil hiss and spit at each other some more. Boston and Gary and Dave screw around, although Phil tries to make it sound like they have a serious fight. (Not.) Cyndi doesn't really appreciate being in a cave full of bats.

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