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Sex, booze, and the general dealer

Wow, quite a week -- sex and booze before we even see the Exposition Hands. And now, eight idea what's in store...sealed envelopes...Exposition Hands. Eh, I'm back to thinking they've changed the hands. These hands are too girly.

2:52 AM. Cha-Cha-Cha. The clue tells them to use a map to get to the Cape Aviation Business Center and find Ryan Blake Air. (You know, if that were "Ryan Blake, Heir," it would be a perfect description of about half the guys I knew in high school.) There are two charter flights to Walvis Bay, Namibia (which Oswald fabulously pronounces "Na-meeee-bia"), leaving three hours apart, and each is able to hold four teams. Luscious establishing shots of the sun-soaked desert, then the Amazing Yellow Line helpfully moves across the Amazing World Map to demonstrate the route in case you are confused. Man, the AYL always makes it look so easy.

2:52 AM. Taraweasel. If you can believe this, Wil's hat is even toolier than last week's. This time, it's a multicolored stripey knit cap in the '70s-chic color scheme of yellow, orange, and brown. I begin working on a legal brief arguing that Wil's hats make statements so self-incriminating they should come with Miranda warnings. Nevertheless, I feel strangely obligated not to be too mean to this particular hat, because it looks like his mom could have made it. If she did, I encourage her to take it off him long enough to smack him on the back of the head, and then put it back on. He'll be better off, believe me.

2:52 AM. (Are you enjoying 2:52 AM? It's a very active minute.) Gary and Dave. They read the clue and reveal that they've been given $210 in cash for the leg. Cha-Cha-Cha, Taraweasel, and Gary and Dave all leave together, and Oswald voices over that they're all splitting a cab to the airport. As they walk out, Danny explains that he has some pain in his foot, and Oswald says that he hurt it "trying to do yoga." Heh. Of course, all injuries are potentially hilarious, but I especially like the idea of Danny hurting himself in some kind of ultimately unsuccessful attempt at yoga. Danny says he tried to hide the pain so that no one would know. Sing him a little country song, won't you?

ChaTaGaDa goes off in their van, with Tara and the Weasel voicing over that the cab-share made solid financial sense. They get to the airport and go inside, and they all sign up for the first plane. Cha-Cha-Cha is so excited that they do a whole who's-your-daddy boogie, which Dave cheers appreciatively. (Interestingly, the yoga injury doesn't interrupt the dance.) ChaTaGaDa takes a group nap, as Oswald voices over that they expect the last team on their flight to be Mary and the Fruit. Amusingly enough, everybody else has a couch or a couch cushion to sleep on, but Wil's on the floor. Heh.

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