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Cape Town, 12:00 noon. The second flight leaves. Chris explains that he and Alex are "pissed" because they "know [they] belong up top" and don't enjoy "being down below." I'm not sure what this could possibly mean, but I'm certainly not going to explore the possibility that it has anything to do with the goings-on at the winery pit stop, except to say that I still think Alex would be more likely to get his way if he knocked off the finger-quoting. In other news, Alex is wearing his sunglasses on his forehead, above his eyes, which is officially worse than upside-down on top of your head. Go home, Boston. And take your accents with you.

Commercials. You know what's really romantic? Mustard. It causes people to make out who don't even like each other.

Brown Desert Highway. Taraweasel, in their cab, look on their surroundings, and Tara says, "This is Namibia, for goodness sakes." Tragically, she misses this great opportunity to say "jackass." Meanwhile, Danny and Oswald's private ride lets them out at the lighthouse, and they give him some money. It would be interesting to know how much they gave him, and how close they came -- high or low -- to what a taxi would have cost. They climb the lighthouse, despite Danny's busted tootsie, and they find the McFlag. (It occurs to me just now that many of the McFlags are nailed down at the top and the bottom this year. I guess they don't want the contestants stealing them and putting them up for sale on eBay.) The clue tells them that they can look out of the lighthouse and see the vehicle they need to take next. They look out and see a row of eight SUVs lined up in a row along a nearby beach. Each is festooned with a McFlag, and comes complete with a driver, who will take over at night "for safety reasons." Man, ever since Paul and Amie almost died in the desert, rotted, and got eaten by buzzards, nobody gets to have any fun anymore. Danny's foot is still really bothering him as they get to the SUV, and he interviews that he encouraged Oswald to consider the Fast Forward. When they see the clue for the rest of the leg, which includes a hike up a giant sand dune, they decide that the Fast Forward is indeed the way to go.

Phil explains the Fast Forward. One per team over the whole race, one per leg, et cetera. Interestingly, teams seem to be learning to use the Fast Forward a little more strategically than they did last time. This is the second team that's used it when they were physically incapacitated and just wanted to skip the leg. This is smart, because bunching being what it is, that's really what the Fast Forward is good for. It's not good for getting out in front or extending your lead. It's for skipping a leg, plain and simple, and if you've pulled up lame, that's the time to do it. For instance, remember Paul and Amie when she was showing off her stomach contents? The Fast Forward would have been handy there. Incidentally, every time Phil explains the Fast Forward, he talks about "when it's most advantageous to go for it," and the juxtaposition of the geek word "advantageous" and the phrase "go for it" gives me a little thrill every time, like hearing the president of the chess club say "booty." Anyway, this week the Fast Forward is at a hotel, floating in the pool.

Gary and Dave, in their cab, seem to have one of those drivers who moves in mysterious ways not related to the fastest method of getting from one place to another, so they're not exactly making great time. Tara, on the other hand, says that the driver who served her and the Weasel "rocked." They de-cab and run up to the lighthouse. When they reach the top, Wil grabs the clue. As they read it, Mary and the Fruit de-cab as well. They pass Taraweasel running the other way, and Mary says, "How did that happen?" The Fruit deduces that their cab driver took them to a better and closer entrance, which it appears he did. They grab the clue as well.

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