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Sex, booze, and the general dealer

At the flag, Tara says, "Thank you, Jesus," but God knows she isn't serious, so He continues to favor Russell and Cyndi. The clue is this week's Detour -- Slide or Stride. You know, the people who name these detours are like those horrible parents who think twins have to be named Sandy and Andy or Fred and Ned or Timmy and Tommy. In the name of honesty, I want the next Detour to be called "Take A Long, Boring Walk, or Do Something That Will Make You Want To Throw Up." Phil, whose outfit is perfectly color-coordinated with the gorgeous dunes and the blue sky, explains that in this Detour, the teams have to either hike the long way back down the dune, or they have to get on a sandboard and basically sled down the mountain headfirst on their bellies. Tara and the Weasel put their helmets on, and their safety instructor puts Wil on the board. Off he goes, and much to my dismay, he doesn't wipe out and bury himself head-down in the sand. Tara follows. The clue at the bottom tells them to go to the town of Spitzkoppe, which Phil explains is 125 miles away, and find the "General Dealer," which is a store. Get there, ask for the postcard of the day, and you're on your way.

The Fast Forward Hotel. Mary and the Fruit get out of their cab. As Peach climbs into the pool to grab the clue, she voices over that she wasn't feeling too much like climbing a sand dune, so they thought the FF was a great plan. Of course, when she gets to the flag in the pool, she finds that the FF is gone (having Cha-Cha-Cha'd right out of town.) Unhappy, they leave the grounds and trudge on. When they're driving again (back toward the dune), the Fruit refers to this as a "dumb mistake" (which I don't think it was -- they had no way of knowing the lead team would take the FF), and explains that she's worried, because now they've lost time looking for the FF, and the teams on the second flight are probably about to catch up.

Walvis Bay Airport. The second flight lands. Boston starts looking for a taxi, but instead of talking to the taxi lady, they go straight for the phone and start calling. (In fairness to them, a guy outside told them to look "by the phones," so that may be how they got confused.) Meanwhile, Jeebus, Xerox, Blake's teeth, and Paige have gone inside, talked to the taxi lady, and set up three taxis, all of which arrive in a jiff. But those three appear to be all there are for a while, so Boston is dragging as Alex negotiates on the phone for a ride. In the Blake/Paige cab, Blake prattles for a bit about the fact that the only reason Boston is in trouble is that they allied with Taraweasel, because of course Blake offered to work with them and they said no, and had they worked with Blake, he would have let them take a taxi with him. In a weird way, and sort of not in the way he thinks, Blake has a point here, and it's this: as stated previously, all alliances in this game are mutually opportunistic and transitory. ChaTaGaDa was a good example of a short, unsentimental alliance that worked. BosWeasel? No. They didn't have a purpose for it, and Chris and Alex should have looked to hook up with one of the trailing teams the minute they missed the bunching. I think they think they're too cool to make alliances with the loser teams, which sucks, because given that all alliances are mutually opportunistic and transitory, you should feel free to reconstitute them willy-nilly, for the most part.

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