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Nate and TK are both having trouble with the Roadblock, but Nate eventually spies the "VINCI" letters near a river, and instructs his pilot to head back down as he pumps his fists in triumph. On the ground, he tells Jen that the ride was pretty scary. It would have been scarier if you hadn't spotted the letters, dude. He gives the correct answer to the instructor, who hands over the clue, and it tells them to drive themselves to the town of Vinci, as you might hope it would. Phil VOs that once they're there, they'll have to find Leonardo da Vinci's birth home. In the car, Nate apologizes about the FF, saying he had just woken up and wasn't thinking clearly. She can't restrain herself from pointing out that they would have gotten first place, but he tells her that some Fast Forwards don't work out, and the cymbal crash as we get a quick shot of Nick and Don seems to be telling us that Nate has a point. TK's pilot tells him that they have to head back, which is bad news, since he hasn't located the clue. He throws up his hands in frustration, and on the ground, he has to tell Rachel he didn't see anything. It will be interesting to see what the exchange rate of Leaving The Clue Behinds to Biffing The Roadblocks is. Christina's doing the Roadblock for her team, which is good, because as Ron remarks, "I might have peed in my pants on that one." I'm sure the pilot appreciates your team's choice, then. As his craft gets refueled, TK tells Rachel that he didn't see anything, and he'll just have to try again. Rachel looks about as happy as she possibly can about this development, which still comes out to not very, but she manages a "Good luck!" as TK heads back up. Nick and Don get to the studio, and once inside, Nick's resigned smile and Don's comment of "This could be bad" suggest that they have a vague inkling (heh) of what's coming. But maybe not, because when the guy shows them the drawing and tells them through an interpreter what's going on, Nick gasps, "We have to get a tattoo?" Don asks what the "FF" means, and the woman is like, "Uh, Fast Forward, guy," at which Nick and Don both endearingly crack up. I mean, it's the nervous laughter of Oh God, That Shit Is Gonna Hurt, Isn't It? But it's still nice to hear. Also adorably, Nick asks, "Want to get a tattoo, Don?" Don is not sure that he wants to, in fact. He clutches his arm as he says he never thought that he'd be getting a tattoo at his age. Well, if it's any consolation, Nick's likely to have to live with his a lot longer than you'll have to with yours. Come to think of it, that's probably not much of a consolation. Nick says if they leave, they could be eliminated, but Don's still not sure, and we get a bunch of quick cuts of scared faces before settling on a close-up of the tattoo gun, which is buzzing in a way that's inevitably drawing my thoughts to Marathon Man. It's not safe at all, Don. In fact, it's very dangerous.

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