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2:55 AM. Kynt and Vyxsin. They seem really psyched about Ancona. Well, I was pretty psyched about them once too. No, I'm overstating the case, but if they've been slipping down the list of your favorites, I hope you won't take it as too much of a spoiler to know that this episode is unlikely to help. Also unlikely to help is the fact that in an interview, Vyxsin's pink cowboy hat tells us that "the pink and black attack" is doing "pretty awesome." Kind of tellingly, she VOs (they've gotten a cab here) that she and Kynt will never let each other "be less than our very best." If she means that as a relationship or a life philosophy, that...just roundly sucks. It's not healthy not to be able to deal with your SO's imperfections, or your own, for that matter, other than by deeming them unacceptable. And if she means that strictly in the context of the race, it's less icky but still counterproductive, as the rest of this leg will be only too happy to tell us. She thinks that's the "only reason" they've come as far as they have, which seems like she's insulting herself and Kynt without even realizing it. "If we weren't at our absolute best capacity at every single moment, we would have had no chance of outlasting even Ari and Staella!" Probably not how she meant it, but still. Kynt's amped about Italy, because it's known for things such as "fashion, style, grace," and he thinks they're going to fit in quite well there. She laughs like he's being self-deprecating, and I would have thought so too earlier in the race, but...I don't.

3:45 AM. Nate and Jen. Wow, that thing with the cab cost them some real time, not that it's going to matter. Even from the mat, they look like they've undergone an attitude adjustment, although some sleep can work wonders in that regard. They high-five as they head for a cab. Nate VOs that the boat was "a real real bad situation," and in a side-by-side interview, Jen continues that once they get riled up, they find it impossible to calm down, and it's "hard to fix." It's also hard to argue. In a repeat of the interview she gave at the end of the last episode, she continues, in the same clothes but now seemingly alone, that whether they'll be together after the race is over is up in the air. You'd like to think Nate has a say in that decision, but I'm not getting that sense here. Did you know he cheated?

Ron and Christina arrive at the bus depot, accompanied by the appearance of some seemingly stray cats and a confusing cymbal clash. Are nondescript tabbies harbingers of evil spirits in Croatia? Do Kynt and Vyxsin know about this? Ron and Christina find the posted bus schedule and see that the first bus to Split is at five. Kynt and Vyxsin then show up and ask a local to tell them which bus to take, since there are "so many" on the schedule. Given that the line of the schedule for the buses to Split was extremely easy to pick out even on TV, this seems like overkill. I mean, if the guy had said, "No, ignore what the schedule says, you want the one to Imotski," would they have taken that at face value? Maybe I'm being influenced by the fact that Chris opines to Ron that "it's like a performance every time I see them," but it does seem like they're courting this interaction unnecessarily. Ron adds that it's "like kabuki theater," which is not unfair in the context of Chris's comment, and then Vyxsin bubbles, "Five o'clock? That's great!" I don't like anyone being that chirpy in the early hours of the morning, but it's especially unsettling coming from a self-described "Goth." Nate and Jen presently arrive, and after some Seinfeld-ian "Helloooooooooooo!"ing, the three lead teams gloat that the other two won't make their bus. Yes, Nick and Don and TK and Rachel are doomed to be behind this entire leg. Doomed! 4:59 rolls around, and the teams get on the bus, with Ron confirming with the driver that he stops in Split, which...seems like the way to do it.

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