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Nate and Jen, meanwhile, have made it to the airfield. Unhappily for them, it doesn't open until seven, but happily for them, there are numbered tags waiting, so they take the one marked Number One and share an affectionate hug. Wow. Dubrovnik must have excellent couples therapists. Ron and Christina have pulled to the shoulder to hatch a plan, and they decide to risk the smaller roads. Kynt and Vyxsin are both unpsyched that they'll be driving for hours here, and I should say that while I think Nate and Jen and TK and Rachel deserved to get to the airfield first for taking the quicker routes (leaving aside the whole clue-forgetting thing) the fact that the other three teams got this screwed by following what looked like the safest alternative is both random and sucky for them. In other words, they deserved to get the last three tags, but not still to be trying to find the place after it opened at seven in the morning. Anyway, the sun is up but it's apparently still before seven as TK and Rachel get to the airfield and grab the second tag before knocking on Nate and Jen's car, in which they're apparently sleeping. Well, there's probably no "apparently" about it -- they're not getting along quite that well yet. These teams celebrate loudly with each other, which I actually quite enjoyed. I'm surely way out in the cold here, but Nate and Jen aren't dead to me yet, although she's closer to the morgue than he. TK is effing psyched, and who could blame him?

Nick and Don wake up and get going. Ron compliments Christina on what a good job she did with the tricky navigation, and Chris responds by telling him to keep going straight. Jeez, Christina, you don't want to give him mixed messages with the classical conditioning here. Vyxsin thinks she's made a wrong turn, and she interviews from that same location as the others that she started getting "this sinking, icky feeling." I think her hair just turned less pink, too.

As Nate pulls his shoes on, he expresses his surprise that no one else is there. The airfield opens, and when Nate's the first to the clue box, Jen mildly chastens him that he's "got a teammate back here." And whether they'll still be teammates at the end of the race is still to be determined. Did I get that right? The clue contains both a Fast Forward and a Roadblock. Phil explains about Roadblocks, and says in this particular one, the designated person must "soar through the skies over Tuscany in an ultralight." I'm kind of indifferent on skydiving and bungee jumping and shit like that, but I have to tell you, I would elbow my partner out of the way to do this one. Maybe that means I should run the race with TK. Anyway, the Roadblockers will have to scan a six-mile radius of the countryside below for the name of their next destination, which, written in big white letters on the ground, is "VINCI." Phil's accent goes hyper-Kiwi as he says that when the Roadblocker thinks he's spotted the name, he has to signal the pilot, who will bring him back down. The Roadblocker gives the answer to the instructor, and if he's right, he'll get his next clue. You can only fly for half an hour before coming down for a mandatory refueling, though. Nate says he's going to do the Roadblock (as does TK), but Jen wants to talk about the Fast Forward, so Nate at least opens it.

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