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Zach and Jill went up the hill

Meanwhile, Asshat continues looking for the statue.

Nerd Lust narrows their problem down to tree-counting, and dashes out again to look. JVJ sees that their combination doesn't work either, and they, too, suspect that they have the trees wrong. Jill looks up at JV anxiously, but he just says they need to turn around and go back to the trees. "We'll write it down," he says evenly as they jog back toward the park. "We'll break it up into sections." It's really funny, but I get the feeling they function just about exactly the opposite way from what the relevant stereotypes would tend to suggest -- she gets overwound and jumpy, and he keeps his cool so she doesn't fly off into space. Whatever they're doing, it seems to work very well for them. Nerd Lust counts trees. JVJ counts trees. As Jill scribbles tree notes, she mutters to herself, "Seventy-eight on the clock numbers...I did that totally wrong." Hee. Jill and John Vito run back to the vault, and they are the first to get the combination right. We don't see anyone in there with them, but it seems like there might be someone, because John Vito stops her from saying out loud what the combination was. Hmm. They collect their clue. It tells them to take a train to Grindelwald, where they'll look for a route marker in a field. For some reason, the clue box is among several giant baskets of apples. Pie! Pie! Pie! (Sorry. Thanksgiving dinner is still happily rattling around in my stomach.)

As the Bald Snark spots the "12," Nerd Lust recounts trees. Returning to the vault, they get the safe to open at last. They're off, looking for the train. Asshat has yet to get back to the vault. As Nerd Lust runs through the streets, they note that Asshat seems to have vanished, and Flo expresses disbelief that the Bald Snark even tried to count all the money. "I mean, we couldn't even add up one through twelve," Zach agrees. Well, at least he's appropriately chagrined. Elsewhere, the Bald Snark adds the clock numbers.

At the Zurich train station, Jill and John Vito run in. A bit behind them, Nerd Lust shows up. Back in town, Asshat spots the "12" and heads for the vault, while in the train station, Jill and FloZach chat about Ken and Gerard's decision to start with the money-counting. "They aborted; they aborted mission," Zach clarifies. Snerk. The mission-aborting brothers, by the way, are counting the trees. After getting different answers the two times that he counted, Gerard is growing frustrated.

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