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Zach and Jill went up the hill

At 5:25 AM, the teams prepare to depart on the ferry. Zach remarks that the teams are all together again, which he refers to as "bunched up." I'm telling you, that's the closest I’m ever going to come to a shout-out, so I insist on taking it as such. Shout-out! Thanks, Zach! (Shut up, it's possible.) At 5:41, the ferry leaves. Gerard comments on the pretty ride to Switzerland, and in Romanshorn, they all disembark; it looks like it's still early morning. In one big traveling clump, they head for the train, which they're estimating will take about an hour to move them from Romanshorn to Schaffhausen. Jill and John Vito wind up having to sit in a different car than the other teams, due to a lack of seats, but John Vito figures it won't matter, because they'll all meet up hopping off the train later. A bit of teasing rears its lovely head on the train, as Ken remarks to Flo, "Right now, Zach's back hurts, because he's carrying you all the way." Ooh, ouch! "I know, it's a hard life," she comes back, not sure whether she's ready to be amused. I wonder if that remark, and the dismay it ought to inspire in her, will make her want to ensure that in this leg, she shifts for herself. Let's hope so! (Sigh.) The train arrives, and everyone makes for cabs, with Jill and John Vito running slightly behind. The Bald Snark gets out in the lead leaving the train, and as they run off looking for taxis, Gerard cackles happily again. This certainly is his day of cackling. That could get annoying really quickly, it seems to me. They get their taxi first. Then Asshat gets one. Then FloZach gets one. Then Derek and Drew get one. Jill and John Vito? Do not so much get one. The first taxi they find has no driver, and their luck only seems to deteriorate from there. In the Bald Snark cab, Ken and Gerard wonder what has become of JVJ, while back at the train station, JVJ despair over their cabless state. The rest of the teams eagerly direct their drivers in a caravan from the train station to the Rheinfall. Eventually, by switching to the other side of the tracks, Jill and John Vito manage to locate a taxi.

The Bald Snark hops temporarily out into the lead by getting the first cab out, but the first four teams ultimately arrive at the Rheinfall at about the same time. They all note the flag, which is smack out in the middle of the falls at the top of the tall jut of rocks. With the help of their driver, Derek and Drew spot the little boat that runs you out to the rock, and a dash to the boat ensues. Meanwhile, in the JVJ cab, they lament the fact that they've fallen behind. An intense-looking Jill stares ahead, doubtlessly wondering whether she could get there faster if she throttled the driver and took the wheel herself. The other four teams board the little boat, although Teri is lagging enough that Ian nearly leaves without her. She voices over that she thinks he generally tries to wait for her, but gets carried away and gets out ahead. I suppose that makes her feel better than the possibility that he's an inconsiderate horse's ass, and that he leaves without her because he can't be bothered to wait. In the boat, the teams wonder about the fate of the absent JVJ, and when it comes out that it was looking like they had taxi problems, Gerard says, "Taxi problems? Good." Wow. Getting pretty brutal in front of a lot of people, aren't you, Gerard? Ah, the smell of burning bridges.

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