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Zach and Jill went up the hill

In one of those sequences you know you wouldn't be seeing if it weren't about to be important, Gerard asks the boat pilot whether they can leave their bags on the boat. "Ya, ya," he says indifferently. Meanwhile, Jill and John Vito unhappily peer out from the shore to see the other teams in the boat, making their way to the rock. On the boat, there is more luggage talk. Derek opines that the boat pilot will clearly wait for them until they're ready to get back on the boat, while Zach supposes that there's no way they're going to need their bags anyway, so there doesn't seem to be any reason to take your bag with you. Gorgeous falls footage goes by as we contemplate this obviously bad decision.

Back at the dock, Jill and John Vito board Little Boat Two. Just as they take off, Little Boat One lands at the rock, and the four lead teams hop out, leaving their bags on the boat. They start the steep climb to the top, with Ian griping that he doesn't understand why people have to run. After all, it's not like it's some kind of a race.

Back at the dock, mournful music plays as Little Boat One -- which has at least one camera guy on it, evidently -- backs away, carrying everyone's bags. Up at the top of the stairs, Zach approaches the flag, unaware of the bad news below. Over on Little Boat Two, which is on its way across the water, Jill is noticing that Little Boat One has left without the teams it brought. I'm not sure she knows yet that they all left their bags; she just seems to be reacting to the fact that the boat doesn't stay and wait for you as a matter of routine. Back up at the route marker, Ken and Gerard grab their clue, while on Little Boat Two, Jill asks the boat guy if he'll wait while John Vito runs up and gets the clue, provided Jill stays on the boat with him. He agrees. There have been a lot of questions, incidentally, about whether it was a rules violation for them not to both climb up to the top, but Team Guido told us on the forums that the rules don't require you to both go all the way to the clue. They require you to read the clue together, but not necessarily fetch it together. (Thanks, Team Guido!)

Up on the rock, Asshat grabs the clue, and then the lead teams make their way down the stairs. They are, to say the least, startled to find that Little Boat One -- toting all their bags -- has left. (Zach: "My headbands! My headbands!" Okay, I guess that was only in my head.) As they ponder this unhappy turn of events, Little Boat Two arrives, carrying Jill and John Vito. John Vito jumps out, runs past everyone standing miserably at the slip, and makes a run for the clue. Jill stays with the boat, staring resolutely forward. Zach checks in with the driver of Little Boat Two, who confirms that Little Boat One has gone back to the dock and will return with the bags in due course, but if the lead teams hop on Little Boat Two to get back, they'll wave at their bags as they pass them coming in the other direction. Therefore, they're going to have to wait until Little Boat One returns if they want to claim their gear.

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