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Zach and Jill went up the hill

Now, there is a strange, tense moment at the slip as Jill stands on Little Boat Two, anxiously waiting for John Vito to return, and the other teams wait silently for the return of Little Boat One. Jill voices over that the other teams were evidently not happy that she "outfoxed them" by holding Little Boat Two at the slip so it didn't leave without her. It doesn't look here, by the way, like Little Boat One is waiting to get into the slip and being blocked; that appears to be something that could have happened, rather than something that actually did happen. When John Vito returns with the clue, he and Jill read it. It tells JVJ to go by train to Zurich, where they will find a historic town square called the Lindenhof, and an officer there who will direct them to an underground vault. Little Boat One is nowhere in sight as JVJ takes off in Little Boat Two. From his perch on the boat, John Vito blows a kiss to the crowd at the shore. Smug? Yes. But honestly, considering what a cool maneuver that was, I can't blame the guy. Heh -- I love surprise reversals.

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When we return, John Vito and Jill recap their successful maneuver in getting their boat to wait for them, while Derek laments how well it worked to put them ahead of the other teams. He also confirms that Little Boat One wasn't anywhere near being back yet when Little Boat Two left, so the "only room for one boat in the slip" thing in fact doesn't seem to have had any effect. Even had Jill not held the boat, she and John Vito would still have at least caught up to the other teams as a result of the bag abandonment, because the luggage-leavers were going to have to wait for the return of Little Boat One, so they could never have taken Little Boat Two back, no matter what Jill did. She was right before -- she outmaneuvered the other teams, and I don't even get the impression they're claiming otherwise. When they get back to the dock, JVJ starts looking for the train, as the lead teams finally pile into the returning Little Boat One and head for dry land.

Jill and John Vito ask for directions to the train to Zurich, and are told that they should bus it back to Schaffhausen (where they came in on the train before), and then grab the train to Zurich. Back on Little Boat One, though, one of the boat guys fills in the non-lead teams that they can walk to a train station right by the Rheinfall and can catch the train to Zurich from there. JVJ boards the bus to Schaffhausen, as everyone else scampers into the Rheinfall train station. Jill and John Vito are the new keepers of the transportation curse, I think. Every cab they get is slow, they get bad directions regularly, and they've been hosed by more near-misses than anyone. I sense an untipped cabbie somewhere in their past.

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