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And now here's the thing. As I see it, there are three major things people hate about the Amazing Race that aren't going to go away. The first is the occasional asshole, which you can't have reality TV, or indeed reality, without. The second is bunching, which is a necessary evil because without it, the race risks having teams strung out all across the globe, days or even weeks apart from each other. And even discounting the resulting lack of suspense, who wants to keep guides and judges at the tasks on duty that long? The third and final one is the non-elimination leg, which I'm already on record as having nothing against, even though I get why people hate it. But if they can't get rid of non-eliminations, this new development is the next-best thing: move the anti-climax to early in the next episode rather than stick it at the end of this one. "To Be Continued" is a much more exciting ending than a consequence-free conclusion that lets all the air out of the previous hour. I'm sure it's a coincidence that both the Pit Keep Goings have fallen on legs where one team seems irredeemably behind, because I don't even want to think about the logistics of making it otherwise.

That said, a series of faceplants like the one we've seen from Kent and Vyxsin in this episode shows the Catch-22 that the race sometimes can't avoid, like we saw with Nick and Vicki last season. If they get eliminated next, it was a foregone conclusion. If they somehow don't, it's unfair to the other teams who managed not to immolate themselves. But the worst-case scenario is them arriving at the mat before another team and then getting eliminated due to a time penalty from taking the wrong flight. On the other hand, unless they recover very quickly, there doesn't seem a whole lot of danger of that.

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