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Hay Fever

The hay unrolling is still proceeding. "This is the worst thing I've ever done in my entire life," Meghan repeats. "You got it, baby. No stress, baby," Cheyne calls form the sidelines. Good thing she's exhausted, or the look she just gave him would strike him bald.

Sam is making a quite thorough search of a hay bale, to Dan's dismay. "Dude, you're taking forever!" he screams. "Sam, no! Stop doing that!" "Shut up!" Sam returns, this time with a bird-flip that he considerately keeps out of the frame. Meanwhile, Flight Time is telling Big Easy he has faith in him. "I know that," Big Easy says, and Meghan finishes destroying a bale while saying she wants to find it before the other teams show up. Cheyne says from the sidelines, "She's really carrying the team today." I think he's being sincere. It's hard to tell with him sometimes. Dan yells more variations on his theme from the sidelines, and after telling him to shut up again, Sam grumbles to his camera guy, "He's a moron. What he doesn't realize is that I stopped listening to him about ten years ago." That doesn't stop Dan from yelling some more, this time earning another "shut up, " a double bird, and a "screw you." Seriously, I think Sam is wishing he'd held on to some of that dynamite right about now.

Tonight's third rendition of "Sweet Georgia Brown" accompanies Big Easy doing another shout-out to the 'hood. "We had no hay in the projects, though," he yells to Flight Time.

"Come on, be around the corner," Brian tells the farm, and the farm obeys. "Just pretend like Matt and Gary are right behind us," he tells Ericka as they park and begin the jog to the pasture. Except they're not actually pretending, because Pinky and the Brain have eaten up almost the whole lead. So much for the gap caused by the different plane flights.

Meghan's running out of steam. "I don't know how much longer I can do this," she pants. Flight Time tries to give Big Easy more encouragement. And a moment later, Big Easy becomes the first to find a flag, to the consternation of the other teams. Both Sam and Meghan chalk it up to luck, with Sam exaggerating, "They're the luckiest team in the history of the race." Whatever -- they're not even the luckiest team this season (Maria and Tiffany). Whereas if Sam or Meghan had found the flag first it would have been due to sheer skill.

There's a little Swedish folk band playing on the narrow lane to the Pit Stop as the Globetrotters run down it, Flight Time yelling, "It's my birthday!" They run past the band and on to the mat, where Phil is standing with a kid who looks like a younger Kyle Gallner in a cream-colored suit with knickers. Big Easy still has hay stuck to his head as Phil tells them they're team number one, and Flight Time's birthday present is a trip for both of them to Turks and Caicos, wherever that is. Flight Time calls this the icing on the cake. He interviews, "We're Harlem Globetrotters, that's what we do, we travel the world." Why haven't you won every leg, then?

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