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Back at the field, Sam can see them dancing happily away from the mat and pants, "I freaking hate Big Easy." Which makes him the only non-Washington General in the entire world to hate a Harlem Globetrotter. Hey, if that anthropology thing doesn't work out for him, maybe he could go into professional basketball-losing. Meghan asks Cheyne which one to do next, and he can't even give her that much help until she presses. "This one right here," he finally says. "Here is freaking Brian," Sam spits, knowing full well that Ericka isn't about to do this Road Block. Hell, she's still recovering from the last one. Brian points out to her that at least the other teams have eliminated a lot of the hay bales for them. Ericka sends Brian into the field when she spots Matt and Gary coming. "If Brian finds one, I'm going to freak out," Meghan tells herself. "Matt and his dad are here!" Dan announces to Sam. Gary will be doing it this time. Sam and Meghan are both frustrated, but it's Meghan who breaks down in tears first. "I've been here for two hours!" she sobs. But Sam is just telling us, "I am going to kill my brother!" Cheyne asks Meghan if she's okay, and she says she can't do it any more. Well, at least she's still doing what she does best, which is sweating.

"Chin up, girl," Cheyne calls out to her after the ads. "This is the hardest thing I've ever done," she says. He tells her to take a minute, and then do the one right in front of her. She starts ripping the netting off. Meanwhile, the brothers are still yelling at each other until Brian calls over in a rather schoolmarmish voice, "Daniel? It's harder than it looks." "I know, he's done about seventy of them," Dan admits, and then tells his camera guy that he's finally going to respect Sam's wishes that he shut up. Post-leg, he calls this an "epiphany." "Why am I making such a big deal about this? I was yelling at him over hay. Probably should have shut my mouth from the very beginning." Instead, he now starts calling out encouragement. Sam either doesn't mind this or is tired of yelling "Shut up!" every three minutes.

Matt is feeling good, considering they were in last place for most of the leg. "There's already bales done. Just gives us better odds," he tells us. Dan tells Sam the other teams are going fast. "Of course they are, they haven't been doing this for an hour and a half," Sam responds. Meghan is begging her hay bale to contain a flag. I don't think it really works that way. On the sidelines, Matt tells Ericka about this Road Block's storied history. Sam comes up empty on another bale, and as the other teams continue, Meghan finds her flag in the very center of the bale she's finishing with. "I found it," she says quietly. "Let me go surprise Cheyne." So she gets up and starts running back, saying she can't do it any more. Basically, just like before except for the running. She trips in the ditch on the way back to him, but doesn't let it spoil her moment. "Let's go," she says, sticking the crumpled flag in his hand. After a second, he lets out a guffaw and follows her, smacking her ass on the way to the mat. "Oh, my God, Meghan, I love you so much," he says. They're team number two. Cheyne is at least man enough to give her all the credit. "I was so overwhelmed with pride that that was my girlfriend, that she is such a strong woman. I'm so happy that she's my partner in this." For her part, Meghan seems very fascinated with something on the far shoulder of the road. This relationship is looking more lopsided by the week.

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