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The other two teams are just now landing at the Stockholm airport. Brian and Ericka take the escalator while Gary and Matt take the elevator, so the Americas get the lead, wrangling a ticket machine before father and son are even on the platform level. They quickly get their tickets, and are waiting in seats on the train while Gary and Matt are still trying to get their bills to feed. Eventually the doors close, and Brian and Ericka do a synchronized smile and head-turn, almost as if they're on the opening credits of The Amazing Race. The train leaves without Pinky and the Brain. Brian says, "I feel bad, but..." "...that's what we were hoping for," Ericka finishes. "We're gonna be toast," Gary says as they wait for the next train. That's how you get to start a commercial break.

After the ads, there's a replay of that whole sequence (you don't get a shot like that synchronized smile/head-turn and not use it twice), and then we catch up with Meghan and Cheyne, who have flagged down a Volvo driver to lead them to the road they need. Dan is worried that the Globetrotters will have time to catch up if they did everything right.

Right now, as the Globetrotters drive, they decide what to name their gnome, rejecting "Sweet Pea," "Louisiana Shorty," and landing on "Harlem Gnome." What about "Plaster Whore?"

Brian and Ericka successfully make the transition from the train to the ferry before Gary and Matt's next train arrives. "We lost fifteen minutes," Gary says, but as they board and get moving again, he says they're not giving up. That's good, because I got enough of that last week.

The Americas reach the Fritt Fall, and this one falls to Ericka, given Brian's fear of heights. Gary and Matt seem to be on the ferry by the time she's strapped in and heading upwards. She sights the arrow even before reaching the top, but when she does, she looks down and says, "Aw, hell no." But down she goes, as must everyone, and she says "Peace out" as she gets out of her restraints and leads Brian across the park toward the clue. She seems to land a ring on a hat with a gnome under it on her first try, so they're on their way to the Detour. The dynamite one, of course. Up in Valhalla, Alfred Nobel is totally, "Suck it, meatheads!" As they walk through the park, Brian complains, "The guy's supposed to win his girl something at the fair, not the other way around." Since the prize is a gnome, I think "win" is used loosely here.

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