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Hay Fever

Finally, after the ads, they stop for directions, and at least get out of town. Gary s hoping to make up time on the Detour. Which Brian and Ericka have already reached, although Ericka seems unhappy about what the sandbag-filling is doing to her manicure. Although in the post-leg interview, she claims, "If I'm dirty and I'm stinky, I don't care. I just want to win."

The Globetrotters seem to have taken a wrong turn somewhere along the way. "Hopefully the damn brothers didn't find it," Flight Time says. They are finding it, however, and Sam backseat-drives Dan into the parking area, adding, "Don't question me, bitch," but with a smile. They start running up the long road to the farm. Meghan and Cheyne arrive and make the same run. Dan spots the clue box, which is positioned in front of the familiar sight of an entire field filled with circular hay bales. "Race you to it," Sam says, which is an idiotic thing to do: sprinting and wasting our energy when you don't know what's coming up. The clue reads, "Road Block."

And here's Phil again, walking among the hay bales and repeating, "This farm was the site of one of the most unforgettable Road Blocks in Amazing Race history." If it was so unforgettable, then why the long B&W flashback to Lena and Kristy, who Phil says "struggled for nearly ten hours, unrolling one hundred hay bales without finding anything." The flashback includes Phil coming and finding them in the dead of night to tell them the last team checked in two hours prior. Back in the present day, Phil calls this a "Switchback" and says it's the same thing all over again: they'll have to search through 186 hay bales to find one of seven flags. "This time round, the farm is also the Pit Stop for this leg of the race. The last team to check in here may be eliminated." And there's only five teams left, so if anything there's even less margin for bad luck than before.

Sam takes this for his team, but he doesn't even get out there before Dan is yelling at him. Sam tries pulling hay out from the middle, so Dan has to tell Sam to roll it, but then Sam tries to do that without taking off the outer netlike wrapping, which doesn't work. He's just rolling an intact hay bale that way. "You have to break it!" Dan screams. "Just do it!" Sam starts yanking the wrapping off barehanded, telling Dan to shut up. As Sam gets to the end of this bale without finding anything, Dan calls out, "They did this one season and one person did it for eight hours." "Why on earth would you tell me that right now?" Sam yells back. Dan wishes he'd done this. I bet Sam does too.

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