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Also moving are Gary and Mallory, but not, it would seem, in the right direction. Mallory asks Sterling to call someone for directions, but he seems to just be ignoring them. Sterling customer service.

Kisha and Flight Time are both positioning their forklifts to pick up their boats. "I'm guessing these are other people's boats, so we definitely don't want her to ruin them," Jen says. I'm not sure I would agree with that guess. Kisha describes the task as "really intense for a minute," which is more accurate than one might hope. Too bad it takes several minutes. And soon, Flight Time's forklift is following Kisha down the marina, each of them with a boat out in front of them. It would be more interesting if, instead of simply moving and storing the boats, they had to duel with them.

Sterling is still driving around randomly, with Mallory begging with growing desperation for him to call someone. And he's on his phone -- but on Google. Oh, efficient. I'm not going to try to untangle cause and effect here, but maybe Sterling has no friends?

As Flight Time and Kisha position their forklifts to set their boats on the rack, Big Easy gets tired of hollering incoherent encouragement from the sidelines and asks Jen, "Y'all coming for us? Let me know." Jen lets him know, all right. Flight Time gets his boat into position just before Kisha does, so the Globetrotters have finished the Road Block in first place. Flight Time high-steps back to Big Easy to open the clue, which Phil says is sending them to Key Largo, specifically a place called Jules' Undersea Lodge to find their next clue. After they're in their cab, congratulating their driver, Kisha finishes up and runs to Jen with the next clue. Jen tells their cabdriver, "Remember those two that left before us? We need to catch 'em. And we're going to catch 'em." They're coming for them, after all.

Gary and Mallory are now so desperate that they're hollering out the window of Sterling's cab at fellow motorists for directions. That just leaves Mallory continuing to freak out clear into the ads. At what point does it stop being bad service and become kidnapping?

Coming back, they make Sterling pull over and get directions from a random. Which they do, but they're still pretty worked up when they get back into the cab. If only they knew that they've already lost.

The Globetrotters are talking about stepping up their game, because it's never not time for a basketball metaphor. Meanwhile, Jen updates us on the standings while Kisha is busy with their driver's phone. Finally, Gary and Mallory get to the marina in last place. Gary takes this one, and Mallory tells us that she's trying to stay calm and positive. "It's not over yet, but that's a really bad way to start the twelfth leg. But things happen and it'll be okay." The good news is they might be able to make up some time: "We've got forklifts at home, because we used to play on them when we were little." Of course they do. Gary wastes no time getting started as Mallory says they've been wanting to win for twenty episodes now. "Bad things happen and people get through 'em!" Yes, but those people don't often win The Amazing Race. At least Gary appears to be rocking the Road Block.

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