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Gary and Mallory arrive at Jules' Undersea Lodge, and as we see Mallory grappling herself into her wetsuit, Gary notices that there are two wet ones already there, so, not a good sign. Mallory gets going on the Road Block right away, although she can't help being a little freaked out by what she seems to think are real mermaids.

Kisha and Jen have arrived at what looks like an island rest stop with a clue box in the middle of it. They run over and read a clue telling them to walk across the ocean. Wow, that's not asking much, is it? Especially since they just left Europe a few days ago? Luckily, the ocean is apparently shallow enough between Big Pine Key and neighboring Horseshoe Island that you can walk right across. Once they get there, they'll need to find the tallest tree and get their next clue. Clothes, shoes, and all, the sisters walk right into the cold water. The Globetrotters also show up and start heading across. We see the sisters arriving on the far side, aware that the Globetrotters are coming across the knee-deep strait. Kisha and Jen find the clue box on the windswept island and crouch to read the clue. Phil says they now have to walk back "and take a thrilling high-speed boat ride to Marathon Marina, then walk to Galway Bay Mobile Home Park and receive their next clue." Kisha and Jen start ducking through the bush like the Viet Cong are after them. In fact, as we can see from one of the helicopter shots that will be keeping us up to date from here on out, the Globetrotters are just on the other side of the trees.

Mallory gives a typically frenetic account of how she tried to keep herself from getting frantic underwater ,with the mermaid tails in her face and all. Finally she finds the clue, returns to the surface, and to Gary, and to stupid Sterling, who doesn't know where Big Pine Key is. Mallory says to just go towards the mile marker, and apologizes to Gary for not finishing the Road Block faster. He tells her it's not her fault. He doesn't add that the person who is to blame is the person driving the cab.

Jen and Kisha are back on the mainland, and they run to where a fleet of multi-motor speedboats are waiting, of the type more often used for bringing large quantities of certain substances in across the Caribbean at night. They jump into the back of one and the guys who drive it start driving them, so that's not much of a challenge for the re-racers. Another helicopter shot shows that on the far side of that bit of land, Big Easy and Flight Time are approaching on foot. The sisters try to keep themselves dry by wrapping themselves in towels as the spray drenches them. The Globetrotters are off and running behind them.

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