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Gary and Mallory arrive at their lot with their trailer and spot the other two teams. So soon all three teams are doing the same task at the same time, for the only time in this leg. Time for another basketball metaphor from Flight Time: "Four quarters are over now. It's sudden death, baby." And with this wind, that's not just an expression, possibly.

Back from the final ad break, Gary and Mallory are working as fast as they can, and the other teams are still having trouble with their fencing, thinking that's the problem. Big Easy calls for an inspection and half the stuff blows down. "Come on wind, stop playin'!" Big Easy bellows Lear-like to the heavens. Gary and Mallory are working well together and making fast progress. Jen and Kisha ask for another check, but it's still not right. Kisha finally sees what's wrong on the brochure, and sends Jen into the trailer to look for one last item for the table. That may have done the trick, but Miss Rose keeps them in suspense for a fair bit of time before finally presenting them with their clue. It's sending them to a place called Seven Mile Bridge, according to the subtitle. Kisha reads the clue so quickly it's hard to follow, but upon replaying it you can hear her saying that they have to take a taxi to the parking lot that comes before Seven Mile Bridge. Is there much taxi traffic through this trailer park? Luckily, there seem to be taxis right there waiting, apparently arranged by the production. The sisters jump into one, telling the driver they're in a race. Yeah, he probably heard when he was sent over to be on The Amazing Race.

Across the way, the Globetrotters ask for another check, but get nothing. Big Easy's starting to get frustrated, but Flight Time tells him to give her time to look. She finally says, "I'm sorry, it's not the same as the brochure." So, out of ideas, they head over to look at Kisha and Jen's completed site. Meanwhile, Gary and Mallory are taking encouragement from this development, although while they're trying to secure the awning, it comes loose and blows clear over the top of the trailer. Mallory runs around to grab it, like she's tall enough to do anything about it. Finally the Globetrotters see that their table isn't properly set, so they head back to take care of that. And, you know, continue standing their fence sections back up. This time Miss Rose tells them, "Good job, guys," and hands over their clue. Gary and Mallory can't fail to notice that the Globetrotters are off to the Finish Line in second place.

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